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    (4.38/5) 8 rates
    exmotxcxx, 7 february 2018 17:10

    One Piece Online 2

    Style:WEB GAME

    One Piece Online 2 is a joygame game.
    The One Piece Online 2 game is a continuation of the One Piece game developed by JoyGame and released many years ago. Although it is adorned with mid-level graphics as a classic JoyGame game, it offers a high level playability experience. In this sense, it has a very large player base.

    One Piece Online 2: The game, which is played as Pirates King game, actually aims to be a good pirate by opening the ocean to the crew in basic sense.

    But this is not as easy as it sounds. Because it is very difficult to take the crew and improve the ship.

    If you are wondering how to play a browser-based One Piece 2 game, you should first underline that it offers a different gaming experience.
    The upgrade in the game, ie the customization system, comes out at every point. A better ship, stronger equipment, a better crew and everything a pirate might need is specially thought-out. however, it is important to remember that you need to upgrade your level first before you can access these features. So when you are low you can not do any of them. So he wants serious work as a game time

    In this challenging journey you are going to reach the great treasure, you will come out with pirates, sea creatures and different hazards that give fear to your enemies like you.
    As your ship's captain, you are actually a pirate and a more active player at the point of adventure rather than a ship in this journey. Buda is one of the biggest advantages for One Piece Online 2 game.
    It's a good idea to raise the equipment as high as you can. Because you will enter into enormous wars that will require you to prove yourself to marines that are much stronger than you.

    The quest follows the story of One Piece, who was carried to the island from Adan and fought against the same evildoers while Luffy saved his friends. The game also features various PvE and PvP features such as the game Elite Wars, Pirate Wars, Devil Shovels and Team Wars.

    many Characters:

     Choose between Sailor, Dark Mage, Sniper and Doctor. They all offer a lot of talent for battle.

    Many of the features of One Piece Online 2: Automate, allow players to perform repetitive tasks or manually perform tasks that are blocked, and allow busy and busy players to perform multiple tasks

    THANK you for reading

    Rate this article One Piece Online 2

    (4.38/5) 8 rates

    Play One Piece Online 2

    One Piece Online 2

    One Piece Online 2: Pirate King is a free browser MMO RPG, based on the popular anime One Piece. Follow the map and navigate your ship through all the places full of dangerous adventures! Have more fun with the refined graphics, new ships and equipment. Choose one of the four main characters: Sailor, Dark Mage, Sniper or Doctor...


    Very good

    11 may 2018 06:16

    OK Done, hope that this time dont get refused...

    9 june 2018 13:51

    Love one piece.

    13 february 2018 17:37

    This game is amazing

    16 june 2018 02:21


    13 february 2018 13:09

    one piece is a good anime,so I bet this will is good too

    28 july 2018 19:32

    ı thought th,s

    17 june 2018 12:16

    1 Piece Online 2 is a joygame

    12 february 2018 17:18


    9 june 2018 22:10

    I think to get level 20 crew you just get level 20

    29 may 2018 03:16