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    (4.64/5) 11 rates
    noobda, 2 november 2017 18:17

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted [Review]

    The ultimate racing game of 2005 from EA Games developed by EA Black Box, don't get confused with the new version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted which released in 2012, it has the same name from Criteron Games under EA Games but its the latest one...

    I'll be going over the gameplay and the tips to beat the game the Legendary way...

    About the game: The game is available for PC, xbox, Playstation 2,3, xbox360, PSP and some more platforms. It was released in the mid 2005 but was played till 2012 for sure, as the next Need For Speed games released weren't that well optimized for older hardware, where as this game is...

    This game has also got some awards, VES award for best Outstanding Real Time Visuals, well that was at that time when the game was so popular with the sales via its CD manner. Then there wasn't good gaming client to sell these games online...

    Did I mention that this game has Local Multi-Player, and yes it is awesome. We can play upto four guys in a particular type of race, with different customized race cars but here's the thing, there is an option to equalize performance, what it does it, if a guy among the four gets a super end car and the other guy gets a basic car, then the performance of the both will be equal, which means the race now among the persons driving not the cars, which is so awesome option.

    The Game somehow looks like this, and yes it has letter boxes on both the sides as this is a 4:3 aspect ratio game, but I'll tell how to adjust it to get a full screen view of that later here...

    Ok, so the game can run on pretty much anything, any potato PC can run this game but the one with Intel HD Graphics can run this game on 720p at 70fps on avarage. I can assure you that this game runs buttery smooth as this is a pretty old addicting title...


    The Gameplay here is pretty fun actually, the damage of the car can be turned on/off in the options but when turned on, only the car gets cracks and paint gets scratches, that's it, nothing more... But what I do liked was the physics of the cars and the driving mechanics which is still awesome even after 12years, it truely is.

    Did I mention that this game has a Career Mode where there is a Story to the game, where you come to Rockport with a BMW car which gets taken away by the #1 racer at that time, and you'll make your way back to him to get your car back and become the number 1 racer in Rockport.... There are some characters in the game as well, they are real people who act in-game...

    The Career mode has 15 Backlist people who you have to race and win in order to defeat them, the coolest thing is that you can get to choose a box with pink slip of their car, which gives you their car.... It'll be of a pattern, which I'll explain some other time...
    So, here's the backlist order....

    Challenge Series:

    And, this mode which is pretty challenging, yes you can even play as a cop here but you only drive a COP's car to race checkpoints not chase racers... It'll be cool, to get bounty, evade pursuits and do a lot of cool stuff...

    And there are some cheat codes in this game, which don't benifit you in the gameplay but just will give you some unlocks, which unlock some specific edition of a car, the code is CASTROL, which gives you a modified Ford GT

    Here are some screenshots of the game in 4:3 aspect only, 

    ok, to get that game running at 16:9 instead of 4:3, all you have to do is go to intel HD graphics, go to resolution and change the resolution you want to play the game while you are in game, actually it gives you a notification that 'This is not the actual resolution' something like that, you have to change that to get the desired aspect ration, requires a lot of trials and patience, I'll admit.

    Conclusion:  A good game which is story based, quite challenging to play and very addicting once you get to beat the backlist guys


    Rate this article Need For Speed: Most Wanted [Review]

    (4.64/5) 11 rates


    This really was all fun and games until the screen went slow mo and you had to evade the cops

    1 june 2020 03:32

    oh men i really enjoy playing that game

    26 march 2020 15:09

    This is the most fun in my car racing game

    21 november 2020 17:07

    отличний обзор лутше никуда

    24 july 2021 20:39

    played this game long time ago . and now this game was added to steam . think ill buy and play again . nice review

    15 july 2020 00:25