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    Rate this article "Moto Racer 4 [Steam Game] - Review"

    (5/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 2 february 2018 07:50

    Moto Racer 4 [Steam Game] - Review

    A bike racing and stunt paced game aimed at almost all gaming platforms, yes, this game is available for Consoles, PC and even on MAC. This game has free style and drifting mode for those tricky parts and even the regular style racing, everything packed up with a massive graphically intense environment which is pretty good as it states.

    Read along to find out more... by the way this game is not a free to play or a free game for your information

    Moto Racer 4:
    Ever thought of a bike racing game where you can perform stunts and play around with friends along with split screen support, well fear not MOTO Racer 4 is for you. This game has a wide range of bikes, racers and the mode of racing to choose from. If you're just a casual racer, then the race tracks are for you, or if you're going to get wild hop on the dirt bike and get to race stunt tracks and crank those stunts and make it look even more better. This game is not as much anticipated but it sure does the job of being a multi player bike racing game, well, it sure can be made a lot more appealing and slutter free but the game looks like its still a work in progress to me....

    From the images you can predict that the game is pretty fun with a whole lot of graphic intense material in it, but once you hop in the real gmae you'll notice that there isn't much graphic intense stuff but there are materials that require rendering but anyhow make the game look good and eyecandy for those who are looking for graphics and performance of this game. Well, now coming to the gameplay of this Moto Racer 4, this game uses Unreal Engine for the best outcome but has something more to its gameplay while you're performing stunts in the stunt mode jumps, even though that doesn't matter much as long as it looks pretty cool, right!

    Here are some of the steam statistics of the game Moto Racer 4:

    • Single player game
    • Online Multi Player game mode
    • Shared Split screen mode for 2 player base
    • Full controller support
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Has Steam Achievements [ A total of 50 achievements]
    • This game is Denuvo Anti-Tamper protected, so you might need a good CPU to over come that...
    • Has mixed reviews on steam and everwhere on the internet
    • Developer: Microids, Anuman
    • Publisher: Microids on Steam and Artefacts Studio else where
    • Has intense graphics use but not up to the mark graphics performance but does the job done of being eye candy

    So, the real question, does this game run on my PC/machine, well the answer depends here on what you're going to see in this game. If you're like me who just plays such racing games just for the gameplay and stuff that requires skill then you're good to go with a medium spec machine but if you want the full performance that this game has to offer then you might probably need a pretty decent gaming hardware and a good graphics card.... Anyhow here are the required system requirements to be able to play this game:
    But suprisingly this game does run on all kinds of machines despite the eye candy looking graphics, you'll be amazed to know the basic system requirements

    > Inten Dual Core processor is enough it seems [yes 64-bit only]
    > 4 Gigs of RAM
    > 12 GB of hard disk space as the game is pretty big and requires a lot of space
    > A graphics cards which is decently new as from 2005 or so as this requires 1GB of dedicated memory also known as VRAM on it which is obviously directx compatible

    A lot of racing games have evolved in the past but only quite a few like the Road Rash make history and good gameplay accordingly, inspite of many mixed reviews on the internet about this game Moto Racer 4, I can assure you that 'If its on the internet, it might have to be true' well that's not always true but somehow, this game is quite managable to be a good bike racing game of the idea the gameplay. The stunts and the tricks that you're able to perform in this game is quite nice as for a decent racing game.

    The graphics part is pretty nice, and also the same part can be made a lot more better than it is as of now. Its always preferred to have to a good gameplay and smooth gameplay instead of sluttering, which is not the case here but the game is pretty decent...

    Here are the reviews from massive reviewers online: 

    > IGN Spain: 6/10
    > True Achievements: 2.5/5
    > God is a Geek: 4.0/10
    > Steam: 6/10
    > Metacritic: 49%
    > Microsoft: 3/5

    I'd suggest you to go through the gameplay and decide if you're going to play this game or planning to get this game, as it'll be down to personal preference about the gameplay and the stuff in the game...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Moto Racer 4 [Steam Game] - Review

    (5/5) 5 rates


    this game uses Unreal Engine, enough to know how hard it is

    15 april 2019 16:47

    Nice article

    16 may 2020 18:43

    unreal engine

    10 february 2020 17:13