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    WaffleWolf, 13 november 2017 19:06

    Is Guild Wars 2 p2w?

    Is Guild Wars 2 really p2w like many people say?
    Why do people think it is?
    Read this article to find out if Guild Wars 2 is worth a chance!

    Many people believe that Guild Wars 2 is pay 2 win, but why?
    As a Guild Wars 2 player i will go into this and tell you guys why i think other people think so.

    First of all what is Guild Wars 2?
    Guild Wars 2 is a mmorpg game designed by ArenaNet.
    Guild Wars 2 got 5 playable races, (Asura, Sylvari, Norn, Human and Charr.) and 8 classes (Engineer, Warrior, Necromancer, Guardian, Ranger, Mesmer, Elementalist and Thief.)
    Guild Wars 2 is free to play but with many restrictions as you level. You dont have all these restrictions if you buy the game.
    The restrictions could be: Gold to gems exchange, No map chat and no daily login reward.

    Guild Wars 2 got 2 expansions so far, Heart Of Thorns and Path Of Fire.
    By buying any of these expansions you get the core game for free. (By that i mean no free account restrictions :))
    Heart Of Thorns add a new class, Revenant, and new maps, gliders and much more.
    Path Of Fire add mounts to the game, each with its own special trait. The expansion also adds 5 new maps bigger than ANY of the maps ingame. Be aware that im not pointing out everything the expansion adds :)

    Now why do people think its p2w?
    I think people think its p2w because of the restrictions.

    Now Guild Wars 2 AINT p2w.
    What is p2w?
    P2w means that you pay real money to get advantage ingame.
    In Guild Wars 2 there is no way to pay for advantage. There aint any real money only items that are insanely strong. You can use gems to buy stuff for looks or maybe just something funny like Bobblehead Laboratory.

    Guild Wars 2 aint p2w.
    And Guild Wars 2 is awesome :D

    Rate this article Is Guild Wars 2 p2w?

    (1/5) 4 ratings


    Should'nt have been published probably

    19 march 2020 16:25