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    Rate this article "Humble Review: Mount&Blade: Warband"

    (4.55/5) 11 rates
    thefruit, 28 july 2017 21:19

    Humble Review: Mount&Blade: Warband

    Charge into battle alongside your friends in a fairly populate multiplayer or conquer the fictional lands of Calradia in singleplayer.All is possible in this medieval sandbox game.

       This game was published on Steam at the end of March 2010 and it is distributed and developed by Taleworlds Entertaintment.It is fairly popular with alot of players still playing it (11 000 according to Steam at the point of making this) I myself having around 1 300 hours on my record.A medieval sandbox with RPG elements like character development and companions is a game that can give you lots of hours of fun. If you find yourself bored you can always try the many mods you can find online like A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire novels) or if you find yourself more interested in history you can try Anno Domini 1297 (based in medieval Europe and Middle East.
        At the start of the game you'll be welcomed with the ability to choose your character backround which in turn determines the starting equipment and stats, after this you will be able to spend some point in your hero and also naming it. After this you will be prompted with a choice of where in the realm you wish to begin( Swadia, Nords, Vaegirs, Rhodok, Khergit Khannate and Sarannid Sultanate). You'll find out soon that you have a lot of things to do further on in the game like becoming a vassal for one of the 5 kings of the realms or form your own kingdom you can even go into banditry heck you can even be a merchant(the choice is yours really).Oh yeah you can even start civil wars :)
        Ready your swords, or bows or whatever and make Calradia yours.
                       This game gets a 9/10 because of the multiple mods out there that keep the game always fresh

    Rate this article Humble Review: Mount&Blade: Warband

    (4.55/5) 11 rates


    makale için teşekkürler oyunu oynadım

    1 november 2019 22:57

    It's an amazing sandbox game, you can play as many different roles!

    3 february 2020 16:20

    best game forever

    15 october 2019 15:36

    very interesting game

    13 september 2019 10:13

    Game is realy fun bcz of the mods,it made it last longer

    14 august 2017 12:50

    nice review bro

    1 july 2019 01:37

    my pig is my pig

    22 november 2019 17:59

    mount and blade ottoman mod is better than normal

    7 december 2019 20:52

    One of my all time favourite games. Nice to see an article about it here, but this is really short one.

    8 september 2019 01:10

    Waiting for the next game in franchise to release soon.

    11 may 2019 10:41