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    Rate this article "Guts and Glory [Steam] - Review"

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 5 december 2017 21:04

    Guts and Glory [Steam] - Review

    As the name it self describes this game has the Guts and playing it requires Glory, some sort of honour. So what is this game all about, well, you'll notice some blood and gore in this game which may lead to some inconsistent violence, so user discretion might be required for this game.

    So, basically this game Guts and Glory is a 3-Dimensional  Happy Wheels game, yep, the 3D happy wheels you may say, but it is no where related to the game, just it feels like its similar but it has its own essensce. Read along to find out more about the game...


    So, what's this game all about, well its a game about a father and his family riding along the courses on different adventures and courses of death including death defying and gore adventures. And, this game is in Early Access, so you can hope that its still taken care about the development...

    Here are some steam statistics of the game Guts and Glory:

    •  Release Date: 16th February, 2017 [Early Access version on steam]
    • Reviews: Very Positive
    • Developer: HakJak Productions
    • This game is tagged with Violent tag, so you may understand why so
    • Single-Player game
    • Steam Workshop Editor [for maps ofcourse]
    • Partia Controller support but works just fine
    • Includes Level Editor according to steam
    • Includes Steam Achievements, a total of 15
    • Publisher: tinyBuild
    • This game was awarded IndieDB's editor's choice award in 2016 and People's choice award for the best upcoming game in 2017

    So, what's actually in this game? Well, you'll be driving some vehicles of all sort and you have the choice to choose your vehicle for each level from the available pool of vehicles for that particular level or map. Here's how some of the levels look like in the game...

    While many such games require some sorta high end or at least medium spec system but all this game requires is basically  a Dual Core Processor along with a 2Gigs of RAM coupled with some random graphics card that's worth handling directx9, and you're good to go, and yeah steam of course, you'll need the steam client in order to play....

    Don't doubt the above image, the visuals look absolutely amazing, not to forget the physics and the ragdoll physics (maybe) that is used in the game... So, does this game ring any bell, yeah, Happy Wheels, this is some sorta 3D Happy Wheels but still needs a lot of improvement.... Here you go...

    And below are some of the screen shots of stunning visuals from the game which is amazing to see in a such small indie game that has a lot to offer visually....


    Well, Guts and Glory is that kind of game that you'd be addicted to play but due to its lack of stability and performance you'll be sad but either way you'll again play the game and get used to those things while the game is still in early access... You'll eventually end up liking and loving to play the game unless you're a fan of only full fledged games that are 100% stable....

    Here's a spoiler for you guys, there a working Hover Board in this game, I admit this need a lot of optimization in its movement speed but its way more fun as is, so make sure you check this out if you have this game....

    At some levels, hover board is just useless piece of cra.p, yes it doesn't even get you anywhere depending on the density of the map you're playing and the speed required to complete the map.... Have fun playing this game... :|

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Guts and Glory [Steam] - Review

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings


    Good article, good game, I rate it 4 stars

    3 october 2020 16:37