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    (3.86/5) 21 rates
    rogstrug, 22 august 2018 13:08

    Guacamelee - Review

    Guacamelee! 2 is a 2D game that combines platform and fighting elements. It can be played solo or cooperatively with three more players, but only in a local multiplayer. For playing, it is not necessary to know the story of the first part, and this will last approximately 7-8 hours on average.


    The genre of 2D games doesn't miss games. Almost every year a pearl of this type comes out, you want Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Axiom Verge, Ori and a blind forest ... The list is long enough and the competition is fierce. Though the games of the same genre, each one stands out and stands differently, and so is the case of a game called Guacamelee. Five years ago, we met with the world of Mexican wrestlers who have the ability to turn to the rails, and now we talk about luchador Juan and his friend Tostadi continue with Guacamelee! 2.

    The story in Guacamelee 2 is exceptionally humorous and frivolous in the best possible way. At one point you will be convinced that rulers of Mexico are Illuminat chickens. The game will make fun of their own and other gameplay mechanics, the best part comes in the form of easter eggs. The side-missions and funny segments in Guacamelee are pure genius. Authors of games have really moved in different segments, from backdrops through dialogs to references to modern gaming trends, and more.


    Guacamelee! 2 is one of those game parts that are not loaded with the need to innovate or present new mechanics. Instead, game makers re-made the most of their existing ideas and create more polygons where players will drill their skills. If you've played the previous game, you already know what that means - Guacamelee is also a challenge in platform elements and fighting. No, it's good that the game is well-balanced, I would dare say maybe even better than the first part.The novelties that mainly largely include the extended martial arts skills of Luchador and some additional skills, primarily for the rooster that now plays a more important role in the game. In fighting you often need to change wrestling and rowing forms, then two dimensions, to successfully wage you against new types of enemies and their attacks. Apart from being properly balanced, combat elements and jumps on platforms are also the most enjoyable for precise controls with excellent responsiveness.So Guacamelee! 2 will not win you with freshness if you played the first part. It's still a very good 2D game that does not have much to complain, except for the fact that it has not moved too far from the formula it has been introducing for five years. Still, one thing should be praised. Given that game makers did not focus on innovation, they opened up space to make Guacamelee mythology crazier than ever.


    If you have not played Guacamelee until now, then the conclusion is pretty simple - it's definitely worth playing this sequel, whether it's solo or with other players. The story of the predecessor you do not even have to know from A-Z to enjoy the comedy offered by the sequel. For gaming I have the same praise, the game lasts about seven hours for a standard transition and some ten hours for trojans, which is solid enough for this type of metroid. If you have played Guacamelee relatively recently, the second part could be deja vu so in that case it's best to play it when it comes down.

                                                                                                                                                                             MARK 79/100

    Rate this article Guacamelee - Review

    (3.86/5) 21 rates


    For playing, it is not necessary to know the story of the first part, and this will last approximately 7-8 hours on average.

    22 november 2019 13:10

    i have Guacamelee and i find it really fun to play, if you guys are bored of all the games you have played, should give it a try. This article explained it very well. + i don't think it's copied, i read all and i think its unique.

    30 january 2021 21:20

    Although the artiuclo lacks some content and above all images, it lets us know what the game is about, its history and part of its gameplay, already talking more about the game if you notice a big difference from your first installment, Which personally I enjoy much more than this second.

    13 july 2020 00:07

    How are you going to say something is copied and not provide a link?
    Doesn't seem copied to me.

    22 august 2018 14:24