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    berroni, 6 march 2018 20:46

    Gamehag Review & Truth about "Quick Soul Gems"

    After using this site for a while, I decided to do a review so new players could know what to expect and because I have seen a lot of topics "how to earn soul gems fast".

    To begin with, Gamehag is a site that offers you free steam games/money cards/cs:go skins/game recharges/premium licenses - for your time!
    To get any reward you will need to earn Soul Gems. Soul Gems can be earned easily, but things like "fast soul gems" doesn't exist(more about that later).
    Things you can do for Soul Gems:

    • Complete game quests
    There is a lot of games you can play to earn Soul Gems. Each game has quests, not just once - more of them. Complete quest to get Soul Gems and then complete more quests in the same game, how good that sounds, right?
    • Refer a friend
    If you have a lot of friends that actually uses their PC for something else except homework, send them your referral link!
    • Complete mobile game quests
    Here at Gamehag, you can play mobile games to earn Soul Gems at the same way you are playing game quests on PC!
    • Create content(reviews and similar)
    You can create content to get Soul Gems. I'll take game reviews as the example. If you have played some game for a while, why don't you tell to us what you liked in it, and what makes that game special? Tell us about its graphic details and systems and you will, believe or not, get Soul Gems for that!
    • Play mini-games(in this case browser games)
    If you are tired of playing hardcore games for the whole day, come to Gamehag and chill with funny mini-games without even downloading them. Yeah, you will earn Soul Gems for that.
    • Buy soul gems with CS:GO skins and mobile credit
    If you have a lot of CS:GO skins, you can buy Soul Gems with them! Is there anything better? Buying games you want to play for cs:go skins you used a lot, I think that's amazing. You can also buy Soul Gems with mobile credit. 
    • Watch videos

    You can even watch videos to earn Soul Gems through Gamehag's mobile app. Just download it, log in to your account and go to "App Zone".
    • Share stuff on facebook
    • Talk on the forum

    As you can see, in the list above there are no things that actually need to be paid for so yes, I can say that Gamehag is the site that offers you free money just for your time. Also, Gamehag does a lot of massive giveaways, that can be claimed by everyone!

    Do you want to earn soul gems quickly?
    Sorry, but that's not going to happen. 

    If you want to earn soul gems quickly, you have to find something you're actually good at.
    If you are good at playing games, then play them. 
    If you are youtuber then make a video and help Gamehag community, yes that will give you soul gems.
    Help Gamehag by inviting friends as your referrers and get Soul Gems for that...

    You have all that options, and you still want more
    Quick soul gems are not going to happen, there is no site that offers you 20$ daily just for your actions, especially not a site of gaming type. 
    I personally use this site for reviews. Yes, I review games and get about 2000 Soul Games weekly for that. Why am I writing reviews? Because I am good at that and I know that's the easiest way for me to get some Soul Gems. 
    If you want to earn anything - you will have to do something you're good at! And stop talking negative things about Gamehag like: there are no codes, this site doesn't give anything after you complete actions they require... 
    Chill out, if you want to get anything for free - you have to deserve it.

    Rate this article Gamehag Review & Truth about "Quick Soul Gems"

    (4.65/5) 17 rates


    thnx for this nice article , it's has a lot of advice that will help in this site

    8 march 2018 17:18

    Thanks for this information :D had fun reading it.

    31 march 2019 17:46

    The easiest way now is the app zoneTho it is slow

    7 march 2018 22:04

    are you guys tired hangging out well just get soulgem and get some free games to play so your not gonna get bored thank you

    21 december 2019 05:59