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    (4/5) 4 ratings
    Julio_Lokin, 15 november 2017 23:06


    Forza Motorsport 7 runs far ahead of any competitor. You can look for qualities in GT Sport or in Project Cars 2, which are very good too, but you'll see that the Turn 10 studio franchise excels in several aspects.

    To begin with, the game is a simulator designed to appeal to all types of players, offering assists and challenges to people with different tastes and abilities. He invites you to play, test cars, experience changes, customize your caranga. It is so accessible that a child who has started playing now as a gentleman who has never played a game in his life can have fun, while at the same time forgetting fans of the genre and those who cherish the perfect simulation. And this merit is all for Forza.

    The new game can improve the previous one, bringing a level of realism, even more precise controls and much, but much content in terms of cars and tracks. The collection of vehicles is quite large. And the dynamic climate only increases the reality and the challenge.

    Driving right

    What I like about the series is how the player's progress is conducted. You can afford to use the vehicle you want to participate in numerous competitions with specific rules, which encourages you to play for hours and experiment with different cars.

    In Forza 7 this holds true, even though the tournament division, which is directly related to the class of the car, may limit a bit, but the different tournament options with different ones prevent you from feeling "stuck". In addition, following this path helps both the novice player, who will notice his evolution in the game as he moves up the ranks, as well as the veterans, who will be able to try out the vehicles and build an enviable garage. The amount, classes and styles of cars offered are absurd, from the rare to the expensive, from the common to the old cans, everything can be achieved while evolving in the career and buying with game money. However, the collection only grows when you level up, so even if you have all the money, you will not be able to buy vehicles from certain classes right from the start. I would rather have more freedom in this matter, as before. However, this style motivates you to play more.

    A bad point is that although there is a great choice of tracks and their variants, new ideas are lacking in terms of races and tests, which are repeated in other versions. But again, it is not something that disrupts the experience.

    In the new game, accessibility embraces almost every type of player. Super Easy mode almost pilots for you, but it's the gateway for anyone who's buying a video game now, for example. The Forza series has always been considered a "system seller" by Microsoft and I agree with its point of view, which justifies the creation of this mode of difficulty. In addition to being able to see the impressive graphics of the game, they will be able to have fun with a game that was tailor made for their skill.

    Even better, at any point in the career, it is possible to change the difficulty by reducing the assists (automatic braking, full stroke, for example, are some of those options that facilitate the game), which gives better rewards. Anyone who wants an extremely realistic simulator also has this option here. Drivats continue to make the offline experience a good challenge. Based on the style of real players, including friends playing the game, the vehicles controlled by this AI look like real people playing online. They make mistakes, they're aggressive ...

    In addition to making the races more realistic, the dynamic climate (comes rain, rain comes, dusk, dawn, for example), increase the challenge, changing the gameplay, consequently, changing the way we fly - not forgetting that the game adapts to the difficulty and the assistance chosen - making the track more slippery in one lap, reducing visibility and reducing the stability of the car realistically.

    There are very interesting aesthetic changes. There are more details of the cars: the raindrops really look like and the windshield wiper shakes with speed. The camera in this mode also shakes more, but the main change is in the rear camera, which moves more in the race, leaning in the curves. There's a new camera from inside the cockpit. It shows the view in front of the steering wheel, eliminating much of the car that prevents seeing the track - but I only play with the camera from inside the cockpit with steering wheel and everything.

    Do not look too much to talk about. He is the best-looking racing simulator. You can look at every detail of your car, even before the races. The level of detail and textures is absurd, allowing classic cars to be seen, very rare to find, when the "super" expensive and fast, that maybe we never have a chance to enter, much less pilot.

    Who should play this game?

    Anyone who likes racing games or simply cars. Accessibility makes it friendly to all types of players.


    Forza Motorsport 7 runs without close competitors, but that did not let Turn 10's shuttle drop. The game only enhances its quality and enhances its requirements, bringing a realistic racing simulator, many vehicle options and, best, with a malleable and motivating driving of the player's career and an accessibility to bring to anyone who has never played a title of racing. Although it could have challenges and races with unprecedented goals in relation to the franchise, the amount of content keeps the player entertained and always feeling their ability evolve in the career.

    9.3 / 10
    Accessibility allows any player to have fun and feel challenged in an extremely realistic game.

    + Accessibility
    + Unparalleled Realism
    + Garage with everything
    + Career Management
    -New news in terms of tests and races

    Rate this article FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 REVIEW

    (4/5) 4 ratings


    Khona again ?

    19 november 2017 14:47