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    (4.82/5) 11 rates
    Dzsabesz, 26 june 2017 18:35

    E3 2017: Bethesda summary

    A little late though, but we brought you our little summary of the Bethesda conference.What can we say? Great surprises did not fit us, and we got it, we were waiting for them. Though we were hype in their two previous years, they were so reluctant. Personally, I was really looking forward to a new Elder Scrolls or a very new Fallout announcement. But instead, we've got a lot of other interesting and exciting things to do. The most important and most sympathetic statement was that all that was presented will be available this year, 2017. Let's see what Bethesda brought us.

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus:

    The publisher now presents his third game under the name of this classic. The first part was a huge success, and even afterwards, though it was never a full-blown piece, rather a stand-alone DLC that introduced the history of the New Order but the existence of a basic game was not necessary to circumvent this. And this year the numbered second part arrived, in which we are leaving Germany now, and looking at the approx. We are in the 60s of America. The concept is already familiar: The Germans have won the war and are invading the world. BJ And Blazkowicz is now trying to make his way home in the beloved homeland of the wicked uncle. All this with the rolling and crunching gameplay, with some innovations, such as this little dress on Iron Man, and of course new weapons that we can double-use. Wait, please.

    The Evil Within 2:

    Stay tuned for the bigger announcements, not only for Wolfenstein's sequel but also for the not-so-good-looking Evil Within. Based on the video, it can only be said that the one who invented this is very sick in the mind. Of course, in a good sense, because it looks promising enough. The sequel is related to the previous part, as our heroine has not changed, but as I watched, we will do a pretty pensive escape in the nightmare of the nightmare.

    DOOM VFR + Fallout 4 VR

    Finally, Bethesda was attained by the virtual reality as well as two titles, in which we can specifically enter into the character of our heroine. Both Doom and Fallout can be a great experience in VR because they have a lot of fans for both games. Would not you want the creatures of hell to be crushed to the ground, or are you going to discover the wonderful desolation of atomic remains weighed by atomic bombs? I'm a buyer, but I have some objections to VR. But Fallout ....

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim -> Nintendo Switch:

    If it's Fallout, then I need the publisher's other RPG title, Elder Scrolls. This time, it was formalized that Part 5, Skyrim, will be available on Nintendo Switch, which has many positive features. For example, the console's controller with motion control, which can be used to mow the dragons with their own hands. And of course, since it's a portable device, it's not just sitting in front of the machine now, but also on a bus, we can pack that morning clock into the game with which we can fully sign that we have no life. We like the idea and we are very curious about implementation. Maybe it could be a challenge to figure out who can run a battery with the battery to play the Skyrim.

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind:

    After Skyrim, let's stay a bit in the TES world. We have an Elder Scrolls Online, which unconsciously shared the gaming community. One of them is the world's worst MMO game, and others say it's very cool. Well, for a long time there was not a lot of change around him, but recently it was announced that there is a huge add-on to the game that will bring us the Elder Scrolls 3rd part location, Morrowind. Let's face it, it was beautiful, a bit of a nostalgic feeling got us, though its price .... Especially if the basic game is not ... Slightly peppy, though to meet with some good deals.

    Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider:

    Although relatively, repeatedly, in the relatively long market there is the second part of Dishonored, there was a great silence around it. But now, on E3, the shark has fallen off from a stand-alone spin-off game, which if all is true, will be related to the add-on of the previous section. In any case, it will be interesting to see, and it will be worth a try. New characters, new abilities, rolling action. We'll see what the future will bring.

    Quake: Champions:

    The bet of the new part of Quake may have given a little taste of what it will be like. This was not the case at the conference, we could see a fairly frightening gameplay that brings the mood of the classics. We can say that Bethesda was able to catch classical feelings. In addition, it was rumored to be a new Quake E-Sport game, and they are already planning a championship with a $ 1 million grand prize. Another question is how to tell the human eye how digestible the external observation of a game. It is certain that even Laszlo Palik should put on his pants if he should comment on the events taking place there.

    Rate this article E3 2017: Bethesda summary

    (4.82/5) 11 rates


    Well written article. Truly the game is one of the gems out there.

    1 march 2019 13:07

    Other than Wolfenstein and The evil Within 2 it was a poor showing.

    19 november 2019 10:51

    doom vfr is much bateer from it's old version

    27 may 2019 17:58

    seems really nice

    19 january 2020 17:29

    Other than Wolfenstein and The evil Within 2 it was a poor showing.

    31 january 2020 21:20

    Doom is the best.

    2 february 2019 08:34

    Too long can ya find a way to shorten it?

    3 november 2019 15:15

    i remember that day and it was a good day
    i just see this article and i wont to thank you for this

    8 july 2020 15:45

    The Wolfenstein is a really good game

    11 april 2021 11:59

    allme nedirki 2000 tl olurum yerlerdeeee

    1 may 2020 01:23