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    bluguy, 3 november 2017 18:05

    Do you know payday 2

    hello guys today i will be talking about texas simulator...i mean payday 2 

    After revolutionizing the gaming industry in 2011, Overkill was able to maintain its strength and surprise even more with the successor who has won several awards around the globe. PAYDAY: The Heist, despite its numerous flaws, was a major title in the gaming industry and captivated many players, bringing a gameplay to the mold of Left 4 Dead 2, where cooperation becomes much more important. I brought a title where to do things alone is to sign the death certificate. It was the recipe for success that generated a very entertaining title, where 4 people could play cooperatively in a network robbing banks, stores, houses, etc [...]. However, the game had several flaws in replayability. Thefts were few (only 6, if memory fails) and there were no rare events and dynamic maps. It was always the same. This all contributed to the game losing its grace with few hours of game, culminating, then, in constant loss of faithful players. Fortunately, already near the launch of Payday 2, they added a new DLC that brought several improvements to the game and made it popular for a few more months, mainly due to Overdrill, which moved many clans to seek the solution to enter Overvault. After a few months of attempts, luckily a clan was able to get into the safe and find the wonders hidden there (gold bars). This whole mystery around Overdrill closed with gold key the first title of the series, that after the arrival of PAYDAY 2 totally lost its players, becoming a title played only by nostalgic ones.

    PAYDAY 2 met expectations, improving many things that were criticized in the previous title. Now the robberies are no longer so equal, since the location of the security room and the safe may be different, in addition to the possibility of several different events occur, such as a lot of money inside the safe deposit boxes, gold bars in store coffers small, armored cars stopped in front of the bank, et coetera. These things work hard for players to get stuck in the title, always looking to explore all the rare events and get as much money as possible.

    In addition, they added skill threes and customization of weapons and masks, bringing enough fun and freedom to the player. Now, it will be possible to leave your rifle with your face, with the equipment you wish. How about a 5x magnification scope to reach the cops from far away on larger maps? And what about an extended comb to carry more ammunition to the battlefield? Imagination is your limit. The same goes for masks. You can create it any way you want, with different paintings, colors and materials. The skill tree system, more popularly known as skill threes, allows you to buy skills for your character according to your level. There are several skills: Mastermind, Technician, Enforcer and Ghost. There are four specializations: Mastermind, Technician, Enforcer and Ghost. Mastermind is the "head of the group", who carries life bags, has leadership skills and pure "badassery", being able to render police and guards. The Technician is the nerd of the group, responsible for loading various technological devices that aim at facilitating the service. The Enforcer is the Rambo of the group, because it carries a huge vest that offers greater resistance and has ammo bags. It is he who must "rush" in the final moments of the robberies, when the bags must be loaded into the van. Ghost is the team's "Splinter Cell". Silent and deadly. Two words that define your function. It's what goes anywhere unnoticed, kills the guards, disables the cameras, renders and handcuffs the civilians and sets the stage for the others to come in and steal everything. It is one of the most important functions, and much requested in stealth (silent) missions. In theft on the level of difficulty Death Wish having a Ghost in the team is vital and essential.

    Recently the system "Infamous" was implemented, for the really addicted players. Now, after reaching level 100 and having at least 200,000,000 in the offshore account it will be possible to become a real badass. Your skills and your level will be reset, but you will turn "I-0" and gain a pair of glasses as a mask. Once it reaches I-100, it will be possible to reset to II-0, then III-0, IV-0, and, finally, V-0. When it reaches V-100, it will finally be a "master badass". You will gain community respect and you will have enough experience to steal the whole world. However, to reach the top you will need to dedicate - at least - 800 hours of your life. In my humble opinion, it's worth devoting this whole time. You'll gain exclusive masks, lots of money and you can flip out sunglasses in assaults with beginners.

    PAYDAY 2 is a game that should definitely be in your library,

    Rate this article Do you know payday 2

    (4.33/5) 6 rates


    ahh i need a medic bag ;D

    31 may 2021 13:00