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    Rate this article "Between FIFA and PES, Which Do You Choose? Listen Review Two Games A Dozen Years of Life Accompany"

    (3.83/5) 23 rates
    faishal, 19 august 2017 01:32

    Between FIFA and PES, Which Do You Choose? Listen Review Two Games A Dozen Years of Life Accompany

    In any aspect, it seems nobody wants to stagnate. Definitely want to change which of course gets better. Similarly, FIFA and PES in the new series. Each game has an improvement from the previous series.

    Physically, the movement of players in filling the empty space when we hold the ball so more realistic in FIFA 17. Bak soccer game on the original, the players give each other better support.

    Not only that, players can hold the opponent when in the air. The roles you might commonly see on Diego Costa on the original game. Even when the ball is on the ground. In a teaser released by FIFA 17, Eden Hazard (one of the FIFA 17 ambassadors), appears to be holding the opposing player while receiving the ball. When you play Premier League teams, you will see managers in the broad-side tactical lines.

    Then what about PES 2016? Most of us are grown and big with this game. But in this season, PES is not as passionate as the previous series. Konami is more focused on the underlying issues. A FourFourTwo journalist, Ben Wilson, called operands in this game to be smoother and more accurate. Even kicks and dribbles, PES offers more variety in terms of power and accuracy.

    The graphics of both games are getting better. EA Sport and Konami together improve their graphic quality

    EA Sports and Konami make the graphics quality more amazing and more real than the previous series. The latest FIFA game series is no longer using Ignite graphic engine made by Electronic Arts (EA). They may be aware of the need for improvements from the graphics side. This year EA uses the Frostbite engine that successfully displays charming graphics in the Battlefield 4 series, Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront.

    Continue PES graphic how? When it comes to graphics, PES must be recognized to look better than FIFA. Konami is still using the same graphics engine as the previous series, PES 16. They again entrust PES using FOX engine, just like in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Pantom Pain.

    If the matter of licensing, FIFA still not lose. However, PES began to spread its wings in this latest series

    Compared to PES, FIFA still has its own advantages regarding the license of the team name and the name of the world pebola. You'll know by yourself, when you play PES (you do not use patches), you'll find a situation where many of the club's names become strange in memory. Not to mention their default costume.

    However, PES began exploring and extending its license. For the latest series, PES managed to hook Arsenal, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, and Atletico Madrid. Not just Barcelona doang deh. Well then, the number of names of players who fit in the real world multiply in this series. Konami still has a Champions League license.

    Then the question is, which game do you deserve to win the best soccer game?

    September is the time when both games are released. Each game does have its own advantages. But most fans around the world would want to play real teams and football-like presentations on television. And FIFA has it, although graphically we can say PES is better. Do not forget also that FIFA 17 is getting realistic with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith as commentators. Make fun in ears.

    Both manufacturers seem to be trying to make the game so much better than the previous series. But the question is, which side are you? #TeamFIFA or #TeamPES?

    Rate this article Between FIFA and PES, Which Do You Choose? Listen Review Two Games A Dozen Years of Life Accompany

    (3.83/5) 23 rates


    fifa the best

    25 august 2017 23:57

    Better FIFA that PES (my opinion)

    23 august 2017 23:02

    well now fifa is only supportive in consoles so i choose PES

    20 april 2021 14:40

    FIFA is such a great game, by the way nice article

    1 april 2020 01:00

    I love the game!

    26 august 2017 20:00

    Dont like sports games :/

    26 august 2017 16:16

    Fifa is the best in my opinion

    27 august 2017 23:38

    I hate this game, need pictures!!!!

    13 april 2020 13:15

    PES, on the ps2 this game is so op and nice to play with your friends

    27 august 2017 22:17

    I play both. I think its better not to battle but enjoy both games no matter what. :)

    29 january 2020 15:28