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    Rate this article "Action-Indie Game with both Magic and Battle - Spellsworn"

    (4/5) 2 ratings
    noobda, 14 february 2018 18:49

    Action-Indie Game with both Magic and Battle - Spellsworn

    As of now this game, Spellsworn is not a free-to-play game and its in early access... Once it goes full release, it'll be a free to play game, as claimed by the developers... And right now they're running it on Early access phase's final runs, mostly. This game is a multi player game too...

    Lets find out more about this game that's RPG including magic somewhere in there....

    This game is available on Steam, right now its not a free game but at a later stage when the game fully releases [leaves early access] it'll go free to play as claimed by developers of that game. This game right now on steam costs money, and I hope they'll give something special to the people who got the game while it was in early access... well, its up to them though.

    Ok, so lets talk about this game now...

    This game looks like a mmo rpg game but is actually a bit different in some ways or even more, as the name suggests it sure does has magic stuff going on in there somewhere, we'll get to it in a while. Players from DOTA 2 will find this game right at home, well most of the time, well its not similar though but the genre feels the same to some. And speaking in the point of gaming interface, it has spells which are some what similar to the moves you're gonna use in this game in order to excel in your battle or what ever you're upto...

    This game has spells and stuff that doesn't need much explination, everything looks like a 'Figure it out yourself' and basic stuff... If you can't win a battle then the best thing to do is 'get good at this game' well that's all there is to this game though.

    Ok, so lets go through some of the steam information of this game:

    • Multi-Player game
    • Very positive reviews on Steam
    • Release Date: 2nd November, 2015 [Early Access date, final release TBA]
    • Developer: Frogsong Studios AB
    • Publisher: Frogsong Studios AB
    • Has Steam Stats
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [well once this game goes free to play, you probably won't be able to get those 50% of the trading cards, as you'll have to spend real money in the game in order to let the trading cards drop while you game, or you have to buy those cards from the community market]
    • Game is not left behind, a well driven community helps the game in many aspects along side the updates that make this even more better

    Well, if you're from League of Legends then LoL, well this game is quite inspired from LoL and Warcraft 3 mod, so you'll find this quite similar if you play this game. But the real question here is, will I be able to play this game? Well, it depends pretty much on the CPU though, just here in this case. Here are the system specification that I played this game on...

    > Intel Celeron Dual Core CPU
    > 4GB RAM
    > Intel HD graphics [pretty old though]
    > Hard disk space required: around 3.5GB

    Using the above system, the game was quite playable, I'm not talking about 60fps constant, but it was playable at around 30-35fps most of the time. As this ain't a First person shooter game that requires super fast response times and all that stuff [well having that is quite helpful though] but it was playable...

    So, is the game worth the price tag it comes with, well the answer lies within, as you can see the game goes free to play once it leaves early access on Steam... If you're not willing to spend then waiting is quite fun to do, but instead the game has some early access tests going on, so joining that might grant you access to the game [*might] by which you can enjoy the game for quite a while....

    Quite a good game which reminds of League of Legends and has a mix of some spells within the game which makes this look even more elegant for quite a while... But the number of players online playing this game is not much, so you'll feel lonely or stranded once you're pretty much into this game... But I hope this number might increase just as DOTA 2 became but we can't say a word as long as its in early access....
    8/10 only if had many users playing online frequently...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Action-Indie Game with both Magic and Battle - Spellsworn

    (4/5) 2 ratings


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