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    (5/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 20 february 2018 18:32

    A survival game: Metal Gear SurviVe [Steam]

    This is about a survival based game in the series of super hit games titled as Metal Gear from KONAMI... This is not a review, the game was available to play for free on open beta for some time now, and the game is now up for pre orders... As now a days all the META is the introduction of BR Mode [Battle Royale Mode] in every game to meet the standards of the real thing going on... This game here aims at survival tips and tricks... lets find  out more about Metal Gear Survive

    Metal Gear Survive:
    The game is more over like the previous game from KONAMI which is Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain but here its the basic game that's built upon including new strategy and new approach towards the gameplay. Only this time the gamplay offers the same action packed stunts including the explorer's soul and a bold new survival threat... It all narrows down to the survival type of the game. So, what's this game all about, you might ask. Well, if you ever played RUST then you might probably know what and how a professional survival game looks and feels like from the bare bones while this game is pretty much the same survival category but this is way more easy, well I mean this is way less bare bones for survival, this is actually a stealth game for being brief.

    The images of the gameplay are available on the internet and the gameplay might not surprise you very much as this is from the Metal Gear V, you'll notice the stealth action game play most of the time in the new gameplay. So, lets see what steam has to offer information about this game...

    • Single Player Game Mode
    • Multi Player Mode
    • Co-op multiplayer mode
    • Release date: 22nd February, 2018
    • Developers: Konami Digital Entertainment
    • Publishers: Konami Digital Entertainment
    • Online Multi Player Game
    • Features Zombies, post apocalyptic feel but not that much though
    • Online Co-op with up to 4 players
    • Has Full controller support
    • Captions available
    • Has steam cloud saves
    • Has steam statistics
    • Has some steam achievements
    • No trading cards as of now, but might be added as the game releases at a later stage

    The main thing to be excited as of now is the co op mode in this game that is quite intruging in this metal gear series, as that's a new thing in the MGV game to see in action. The game looks pretty much appealing according to the open beta gameplay and stuff it had offered but will it have the same overall feel in its final release, only time will tell.

    Did I mention that this game has zombies? well, it has a lot of zombies in a different mode set to combat while you can take down with your survival instincts and the weapons. So, after all the main question that arises is, 'will this game run on my PC?' Well the answer is pretty much complicated though, depending on the open beta tests and gameplay runs... well the minimum barebones required to run this bad boy are as follows:

    > Intel i5, quadcore or anything better that this
    > 4GB of RAM or better
    > Required dedicated graphics card, especially like the GTX 750 or above series to get good performance
    > The game takes 20GB of HDD space approximately or above depending on the updates and patches that will follow up once the game releases finally this 

    And this game is based on Fox Engine, well fox engine is a proprietary cross-platform gaming engine developed by KOJIMA Productions but used by KONAMI entertainment. This game is the game from KONAMI after H. Kojima left somehow, so lets see how well this goes, even though its built from the FOX Engine.

    The only thing to know about these type of games is to try out the betas if available or to watch or go through some of the interesting gameplays that are available of the game after its release of course in order to know how the game performs in various aspects. The game has quite a bit of action and stealth essence to it mixed with the survival mode and zombies just add and take the game to another level... Wholely this game is quite worth to be hyped about, but only time will tell... 

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A survival game: Metal Gear SurviVe [Steam]

    (5/5) 4 ratings


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