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    (4/5) 8 rates
    noobda, 7 february 2018 14:22

    A Street Racing game like Underground 2

    There used to be a racing game from EA Games called as Need For Speed: Underground 2, now this isn't that game but has that same essence of that game. You can say that you'll feel like that but has something different than being the same as Underground 2. So, this game Street Racing Syndicate is available on Steam, and its well not free-to-play and its from the developers at KISS ltd as on steam. Its a pretty old game though...

    Street Racing Syndicate a.k.a SRS:
    SRS is the racing game on Steam which is quite bit of street racing as the name itself suggests but has something more to it, at the time of its release this game had licensed real car names and parts for those cars which are of real names as well. Those days such type of games with real world names and stuff like that usually got to people like a charm and used to be the real deal. Well, we're talking about those days in 2005 where there used to be Need For Speed games and all those classics...

    That's how the game interface looks like incase you're wondering. It sure does look something like the underground 2 but if you observe keenly you'll notice that it not that similar to that game, it just feels like that its similar but it has something different though, well for obvious reasons.

    And yep, this game has ladies in it, well at all times you'll find wamen here and there with some crazy looking outfits, well now you may find such a game look obsolete but at that time this game was probably a good looking game then. 

    Let's go through some of the steam statistics of this game...

    • Single player game
    • Mostly positive reviews on steam
    • Release date: 8th Jan, 2005
    • Developer: Eutechnyx, Streamline Studios
    • Publisher: Namco [not on steam though], Codemasters [also not on steam], KISS ltd and Funbox media ltd [yep, on steam]
    • Open world racing game with pretty decent map
    • This game has split screen and shared screen support for you and your partner [if any]
    • Has steam trading cards
    • No steam achievements
    • Has partial controller support

    so, can you run this game, well the answer is mostly you can on any potato PC... anyway here are the system requirements for this game, well these are the real world requirements, and the bare minimum requirements based on personal experience...

    > Intel or AMD processor with 1GHz or what so ever
    > 1Gig of RAM is sufficient though
    > Graphics card: what's that thing anyway? Well you can just play this game straight away with integrated graphics [if any!]
    > 4-5 GB of hard disk space

    Here are some of the screen shots of the game while in-game...

    Pretty decent racing game that has some plus points including the street races and the feel of the real racing game. Well don't compare this game with the modern racing games as they will definitely outrun this game for sure, bare in mind that this game is from 2005 just like the Need For Speed Underground 2... So this game falls into one of those classic game where you just play for the feel of the game rather than just for the sake of graphics or gameplay or anything else that matters...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Street Racing game like Underground 2

    (4/5) 8 rates


    I played it on PS2 10 years ago. Good article.

    10 january 2019 12:06

    That's my childhood

    13 may 2019 10:56