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    Rate this article "A long-term survival game that is very very REAListic: SCUM Game"

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    noobda, 20 february 2018 19:23

    A long-term survival game that is very very REAListic: SCUM Game

    A survival game who's main aim is actually not just survival but a long term survival depending on many many issues of the surroundings and the player. Even the sun in the game has a role to play in drying the clothes of the player, if you wear your clothes while they are wet then they won't dry soon, if you remove your wet shirt and then dry it under sun then it'll dry sooner, such aspects are available in this game, which make this game called as 'very very realistic'

    You'll know what I'm talking about once you'll watch the pre-alpha gameplay videos on youtube, you'll eventually note that the game might be more difficult to play with a lot of variables considered but remember in such a case it'll be equally difficult to everyone playing the game, not just you, so it makes that even. Lets find out about this pre-alpha, and the game that's under development from quite a while now...


    This game so called SCUM is not openly available for everyone to play the pre-alpha, actually it isn't available to anyone, only the developers are showcasing some of its coolest features so far, you can check them and provide feedback. So far the game is scheduled to be released on steam once it gets ready. There's a dedicated steam page for this game you can check out more details about this game. I'll be linking some video references for this game's gameplay that offer very very realistic instances of the game.

    The main and the most important in this game and the main aspect of this game that'll make this game different from other survival games is the fact that this game is way more realistic in many many things rather just being 'yet another survival game with good graphics' Check out this video for more information explaining how realistic is the game actually depending on the sun in the game...

    After watching the video, just don't let that feeling go away, cause there are a lot of things more to it, even there are differences between player to players, like the lean player is fast and gets tired soon while the stout player can't run fast obviously and even the stout guy can't vault like the fit one's making a different pattern of gameplay with different types of player bodies and physique. This is way more interesting than any other thing in the whole gaming industry till now. Well, there might be games that offer such type of physique based gameplays but this has gone way too far to be honest. You'll know what I'm talking about in a while. Here look at this picture...

    There is a prefectly fit person gameplay in a zombie mode of course, there is a mode where you'll be running and be in a combat with zombies. Yes, and there are many many more things that are under development, the developers are releasing a sneak peaks every now and then on their social media and on youtube. This game might be a huge success or there are even chances that this game just goes nowhere for just being too realistic than required, well lets don't think too much abou that now. Lets go through some information provided by the developers on Steam...

    • Single Player Mode
    • Multi Player game
    • Huge open world survival game
    • Offers ultimate weapons and combat options
    • Developers: Gamepires, Croteam
    • Publishers: Devolver Digital, Croteam Publishing
    • Release Date [expected] - To be released in the 2nd quarter of this year {no official date yet}
    • Online co-op game mode
    • Engine used: Unreal Engine
    • prison riot survival game

    That's all is available on steam as of now, there is their official website where they will be providing more details...

    You can see the differences among the three guys above, all three guys have specific advantages and disadvantages accordingly which is the main realistic feature in this game. The actual gameplay might require quite a lot of power to run the game flawlessly and smoothly, its just my opnion though... Each player's physique depends on the activities that are performed by the player in the act of survival through out the game like eating too much, or not eating at all, or not moving here and there which results in fat formation making your character look stout. There are even injuries and rain effects in this game which have a huge impact on the gameplay.

    The second best thing in this game, 


    physics and the gameplay affected by the water in the game. The more weight you put on you, the harder it will be for you to climb, swim, and sprint... So, act accordingly in the game, that's quite intense for a game to offer and put in way too much in a survival game. You'll get to know the various aspects and realism adopted in this game once you go through the gameplay of this game throughly...

    Such type of game either have a huge success rate and get super hyped or they just don't even make it to trending games section at all, but this game has the stamina and the guts to mould itself into a huge game soon when it makes it early access available on steam, where a lot of player of all kinds get a chance to try out their game for quite a few time... Lets hope this game runs well and gets optimized to be playable even on simple hardware.... :)

    Final Conclusion: 

    Such a survival game is not first of its kind but the amount of things that are considered in this game to make this way more realistic make this game 

    1st of its kind

    for sure. Even the graphics look pretty good, actually way more realistic, that's the only way to describe this game so far, we can describe this game once it makes it debut on steam or somewhere which is playable. This is one of the best games to look forward to in the near future besides the 


    from CD....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A long-term survival game that is very very REAListic: SCUM Game

    (5/5) 7 rates


    i love this Game😍

    1 september 2018 08:05

    Very nice game.

    23 february 2018 23:26

    i like to play it but its too expensive

    29 september 2019 10:18

    ooh uuh, that is nice

    2 december 2019 09:04