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    Anno 1800 is the latest version of the economic strategy created by Ubisoft, the first part of which had its premiere in 2011. The game was released on PC. The plot was set in the times of the industrial revolution. This era was characterized by enormous scientific and geographical discoveries and widespread industrialization.

    Analogically to the previous parts of the series, the player's task is to create a thriving metropolis. Playing the role of a ruler, we have to manage everything that has an impact on our community - from taking people to work, through the management of the production line and the search for raw materials, to the construction of new buildings. It is not as easy as it may seem! We should fulfill the needs of our residents.

    The icing on the cake is the ability to manage taxes. It should be remembered, however, that this will affect the mood of our citizens. Anno 1800 offers several game modes - you can choose multiplayer mode, free play mode and a single player campaign.

    The graphic design of this game offers a very high quality. Elements of the surroundings and buildings were created with great care and individual stages of production can be looked at closely. The popularity of the game series and the number of its released parts since 2011 indicate the complexity of the game and the interesting aspects it offers.

    It is worth reaching for the latest Ubisoft title and seeing what Anno 1800 will surprise us with this time. Moreover, it is not only a game for hardcore economic strategy enthusiasts, but also for everyone who would like to try a new genre.

    Anno 1800 bg

    Anno 1800

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    Anno 1800 is the latest game by Ubisoft. It is an economic strategy that has been released on PC. The first version of Anno was released in 2011.

    The story takes place in the times of the industrial revolution. At that time, many significant geographical and scientific discoveries took place, and industrialization grew rapidly.

    As in the previous parts of the game, the player takes on the role of a ruler and it depends on him, how much his area will develop. Our management possibilities in Anno 1800 are multidimensional. We have to send people to work, find the right resources, build buildings and manage the production line wisely. The game is spiced up with a tax management and building relationship with foreign neighbors. We can start a war or make an alliance. Everything we do has an impact on the mood of our residents - Anno is a masterpiece of strategy.

    To further diversify the game, three modes have been implemented: free play, multiplayer mode and a single player campaign. All of them allow the player to enjoy many activities.

    The graphic design in the Anno 1800 was polished. It is characterized by high quality and big attention to detail of the surroundings and buildings.

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    If you are a strategist and would like to play Anno 1800 - you can do it thanks to our gift offer. All you have to do is exchanging your Soul Gems for the code to download the game. Check what Anno 1800 will surprise you with!