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    Traffic Puzzle

    (3.79/5) 28 rates

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    6655 7986
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    For 1 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach level 200

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Traffic Puzzle

    Engaging little puzzle game; very inventive mechanics! It's an excellent design overall, but it is a little rough around the edges in a few spots:

    - the "ask a friend for extra lives" feature is a bit gimmicky
    - it's easy to mistake the Joker (matches any car color) and the Clown Car (removes objects) because both are rainbow - it's easy to miss the initial explanations of what different vehicles and tiles do (so maybe there should be a help menu for all the ones you've found so far)
    - later on the game gets a bit luck-dependent, you have to get a good random spawn / good sequence of cars / good tarpaulin uncovering / etc. in order to even have a solvable level at all; I wouldn't really mind this so much if lives weren't as limited

    16 march 2022 06:01

    merci c'est gentil d'avoir m'aider . excellent travail

    25 april 2022 10:24

    How long does it take to get your screenshot verified to get soulgems?

    18 june 2022 03:41

    So there is no way for me to register a new account in the iOS version of this game and my screenshot was rejected. I was a new player and took the time to complete level 200 so can someone please tell me how to do it so I can get credit?

    21 june 2022 19:51

    They verified my screenshot in a few hours. Worth the time!

    24 june 2022 16:45

    Hello I am a youtuber and i have somehting to say. I don't wanna play traffic puzzle

    27 june 2022 19:42

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