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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Tibia UnitedOTS

    nice game I love it and I cant stop play it

    31 october 2017 23:57

    I don't like that type of games...

    1 january 2019 12:06

    I sent a screenshot of my character's profile and sent it for verification. 2 days later, it got rejected and says, "It seems like you haven't registered a new account in the game." Which confused me, so I opened up LOA and I'm back at the character selection screen. Doesn't this mean my progress has been reset?
    Another thing that's been bothering me: it's the 2nd or 3rd step in the first task

    30 december 2020 09:03

    Good one, fun to play. Enjoyed it alot thanks!

    2 january 2021 16:11

    Why I can't play this game? There is no play button.

    5 january 2021 00:27

    The site of the register button link seen unsafe.
    It is a new site that probably may be not secured.

    7 february 2021 21:19

    I gotta say I loved all those aspects you mentioned, and they were one of the most distinguishable aspects of Tibia. I'll always tell stories about that to my friends, and still gives me rushes of adrenaline remembering exploring dark caves, or setting up a lure with roped creatures.

    29 december 2021 07:51

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