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    Tasty Tale

    (4.42/5) 220 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Tasty Tale

    Well I hope I get credited for completing the first one even though I went over level 4. I was on the mobile app as it said I had to go to the website to get it from there.

    8 november 2019 02:47

    i dont know how to send a screenshot proving i've done it either confusing

    13 november 2019 13:21

    how do i send screenshot ugh please help

    16 november 2019 21:06

    I wish I could send in a video. It's so much easier to prove being able to show myself logging into my account and then playing the game.

    4 december 2019 12:39

    First screenshot your game showing level second come to this page on desktop or laptop third press the complete button that is beside the bubble that says play for free there you can upload your screenshot.
    they approved mine in mere minutes good luck to the rest!

    21 december 2019 18:25

    Tasty Tale is very good game i start play every day

    14 april 2020 12:30

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