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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Tanki Online

    Я пам’ятаю, що грав у неї, коли це був 2011 рік, це була найсмішніша гра, яку я коли-небудь грав

    17 april 2020 18:33

    very good game :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    18 april 2020 08:44

    I loved this game, played it a lot of days, but now I think it's trash, after when they changed the all game from flash player version to html version, now it's look like on mobile, and tha's ugly... and the worst thing there's no alterations for turrets, like in old times :/

    11 december 2020 14:58

    Otherwise the game 70% of players is P2W

    11 december 2020 14:59

    i remember playing this in school when we had ICT lol

    15 january 2021 10:18

    Tanki Online is very fun tank game i good game

    28 february 2021 13:53

    Я пам’ятаю, що грав у неї, коли це був 2010 рік, це була найкраща гра, яку я коли-небудь грав

    3 april 2021 09:16

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