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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Saint Seiya Awakening

    The link istnDidn't actually notice that I had such a great game on my steam library, thanks for the article mah dude :)

    24 may 2020 10:53

    They should do a better link this one isnt working

    24 may 2020 10:54

    I've sent the same screenshot twice. The first time it was flagged as not a new account, the second time it worked... Oh well, thansk for the gems :100:

    27 may 2020 08:39

    its a great game, i top up using unipin & get cashback 50% payment by cimb click

    3 june 2020 15:11

    free to play game really good one so try it for free

    8 july 2020 16:46

    i can't seem to send the screenshot, it's stuck at the end and not sending

    18 july 2020 00:38

    its a browser game easy to do the tasks you start with the browser games then you do the others

    8 august 2020 08:05

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