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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Puzzle & Dragons

    When I saw Puzzle & Dragons I was very excited to play, but then I word "soon" just slapped me across the planet

    6 august 2020 09:34

    Underrated time waster mobile game, very fun

    21 october 2020 13:06

    Is this game even fun to play? It seems like one of those games 30 year old moms who love anime would play tbh

    25 october 2020 18:12

    this game ha a very cool art style very fun also to play also somewhat addittive

    27 november 2020 18:26

    I like the game though I think that there is a little bit of improvment that is needed, I really like the game though the platform is very scattered and tring to find things is really hard to do. instructions are really hard to understand unless you can pick up on how to do things quickly and having a guild seems overal useless. But how you complete levels are a total 10/10 So I still would play the game.

    15 december 2020 18:39

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