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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Merge Defense 3D

    this task is virtually impossible the amount of time to get a score of 6000 is over 3 months just by playing this game for 30 minutes and seeing how little progress i made especially if you lose you restart back to score 1

    1 march 2021 19:59

    this game is kind of easy but the goal is pretty hard but its worth it in the end

    9 march 2021 00:36

    It's a nice concept that would be a great game if it weren't for the constant ad interruptions. It's also a little shady that they say you can watch an ad for a reward boost, but when you say "no thanks," you're forced to watch an unskippable ad.

    5 october 2021 01:29

    Merge Defense 3D is an easy to learn, hard to master Tower Defense game. Simple controls, turn based game play, and tactical depth makes this game best time killer game for a daring mind.

    12 october 2021 12:31

    I got the high score and sent them the picture with proof but they rejected me. Saying I didn't register a new account. I've never played the game before any clues?

    12 september 2022 20:12

    The game was quite repetative and got boring really quickly. Took a couple of hours to complete. If i get the reward it will defo be worth it.

    28 december 2022 14:15

    what i just played this game for two whole days made it to 600 and won't be rewarded

    8 june 2023 01:43

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