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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Idle Heroes

    it a good game you should play it its quite fun

    3 september 2019 19:02

    nice game,but ads are fake to be honest!

    22 january 2020 09:20

    ıdle heros guzel oyun degıl yanlıs yorumlar:(

    15 april 2020 21:27

    Is this game good, looks to grammatic, I mean alot of animations, looks to basic for me, its an opinion!

    15 april 2020 21:35

    Can some one anwser? please cause I try to dowload alot of games.
    Is this game just for PC?

    15 april 2020 21:36

    IM just commenting cause I want to, LoL, soory guys, LoL.
    I know but I want to get to level 3.
    So sad. ;(

    15 april 2020 21:37

    i want to try this game later because someone told me that this game is good

    10 may 2020 13:43

    In this game is heroes with powers. Also its mobile and multiplayer game . Game is good, just try this game

    10 may 2020 18:18

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