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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Fate/Grand Order

    Battles take really long to load on my phone, maybe I dont have a good enough phone for this, game is pretty good regardless.

    7 november 2019 21:48

    This game is great, but it just sucks the life out of you cause of the gacha and grind.

    30 november 2019 22:08

    this game is laggy and unoriginal just another piece of garbo

    5 january 2020 00:08

    the grind and pulls man. but hey we are an anime and a moive coming up. like ****. A gacha game getting an anime and movie in the same year. talked about making money and listening to the fan for what they wants. and cloverworks keep up the good work on the anime. LOVE IT!!

    20 january 2020 02:18

    A grinding game but still interesting nonethele- Who am I kidding I just want the xp

    13 february 2020 10:18

    i can tell of how bad this game will be for phones.

    22 march 2020 00:07

    It has a great storries. That is why I like FGO

    24 march 2020 13:16

    I love the anime as much as the game. It has a really good story plot in the game. I never get tired of playing the game.

    26 march 2020 13:08

    Ummm nice comments about this game .-. totally, looks like evreyone hates it

    28 march 2020 19:50

    seems like everyone loves this game lol

    29 march 2020 04:49

    one of the few games I like to play out. Love it and love the new animes that are coming out from it

    1 april 2020 05:39

    ^^^Honestly, same. I haven't played it but yuh the anime is good, watch it.

    2 april 2020 02:29

    Watched the anime before, because yk, it goes hard

    4 april 2020 21:18

    But in all seriousness is this game worth it, I'm curious to check it out myself

    4 april 2020 21:19

    probably my most played mobile game and the one that i devoted the most time to, as it has an epic story, a fun cast of characters and the ability to win with even the most unorthadox team comps

    8 april 2020 12:16

    I really like this anime. It is very good

    18 april 2020 18:56

    i like anime too

    22 april 2020 04:13

    this game is good but is also a pain in the ****

    23 july 2020 02:28

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