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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Dragon Lord

    ı cant play this game why ?

    20 february 2019 11:18

    Merhaba bana öğretebilir misin

    12 april 2020 12:35

    stupid game. only in french can one play. complete wate of time

    21 september 2020 12:46

    this game is relley relley relley gud guys play it now pls:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

    12 october 2020 23:55

    lol guys play it now its for free so u complete tasks and u get money ezz

    12 october 2020 23:56

    Follow us on twitter for updates and codes @NatalieClabo gg bois

    12 october 2020 23:56

    You can open chest in game guys play it now its for free

    12 october 2020 23:57

    Please on our group wall or in our communications :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

    12 october 2020 23:58

    so the reason that this is a french game is because it's the french version. If you look for dragonlord in games you will see two relatively similar games, one that pays and one that doesn't. Looking closer, you see that the thumbnail of one is "dragon lord" and the other is "chevalier du dragon" which is obviously french. as I can read french fluently this isn't much of a problem for me but it makes sense that there's a little frustration at the slight discrimination

    14 october 2020 19:01

    i hate that this game is only in french

    dont mind this need 40 symbols

    17 october 2020 16:46

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