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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Call of Antia

    NOT BAD for real i like this game super very cool f e r t y u i o d

    4 february 2022 16:19

    very fan game end go go go download thas

    4 february 2022 19:37

    Please help, I created a new account in this game, I made a goat, but it says to me that it seems that you have not created a new account

    5 february 2022 14:38

    hi my name is karthik i love this game thx

    19 february 2022 10:05

    I've never played the game but I'm going to try to

    19 february 2022 15:08

    i love this game but the thing is that 5 star hearos

    20 february 2022 04:52

    hanks bro. It worked but no progress after a while. Is there a daily limit?

    24 february 2022 14:03

    i never played but i think this game is good but my pc is bad

    25 february 2022 15:18

    @AchieverA thank you so much for this info!

    12 august 2022 23:38

    My rating for this game overall: (if you wanna know how difficult/how long it'll take you to finish check out AchieverA's comment above) So, this game is a puzzle RPG game, now I haven't played a ton of games in this category but I have played enough to where I can rate them. Call of Anita is a great game in this category, personally, I like it. The UI is not too clustered and I like the design of the game (the puzzles, the maps, campaigns, characters, etc.) I also like how they have an auto feature (I think you have to unlock it but it is not hard to) so that you can have this game playing in the background let's say when you are doing something on your PC. I also like the animations in this game!

    In conclusion, this game is a game that I would keep installed even if I have finished the quest and get credited for it! Have a nice day/night!! :DD

    24 august 2022 02:29

    @AnbuGalactic about how long did it tak fo u to get rewarded? I finished tbe wuest a few days ago great game

    23 september 2022 05:28

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