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    Blood Rites

    (2.84/5) 49 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Blood Rites

    after pressing download "This site cant be reached"

    4 april 2019 22:15

    Rejected for not creating a new account. I'd literally never heard of the game before and made an account through the site link. No adblockers or such running, either. Lovely.

    5 april 2019 19:34

    I did everything they asked new email, confirmed email and got to lvl 10 so why decline saying I don't have new account

    6 april 2019 16:51

    Another game that no longer offers rewards.
    Without warning.
    As usual.

    10 april 2019 19:02

    Great game and easy tasks, just make account first and then download launcher of the game!

    19 april 2019 06:49

    Long and Borring game :O And no points for complete

    21 april 2019 22:23

    It work :D
    1. Dowload game and complete 30lvl.
    2.Complete 35lvl.
    3............. ( I am making sor. )

    22 april 2019 17:36

    Well, now that the task is different, creating a new account and getting to level 30 seems to get the task accepted. My previous comment was from a time when the task was getting to level 10. I guess it works better now.

    26 april 2019 15:04

    hah my pc cant run

    2 may 2019 15:42

    HIHI this survey pays really out

    4 may 2019 20:57

    Blood Rites is very good game i start play every day

    10 february 2020 11:28

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