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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Big Bang Empire

    i never played this game

    5 march 2019 05:11

    I can't believe a game of this sort is on GameHag with tasks for it! I am also surprised this game hasn't been inundated with comments!

    23 march 2019 16:03

    lol that game dont have tasks so no one does playing that game right?

    4 april 2019 18:29

    this game look decent i should try it or not?

    4 april 2019 18:36

    I've never heard of this game but seems nice

    8 april 2019 17:34

    Link is broken. When you get on the page you gotta make a new char which leads to a page with no reference in the link. Result? "You didn't make a new account" - good job Misty :thumbsdown:

    12 april 2019 10:04

    I've never heard of this game but seems good

    20 june 2019 10:54

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