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    A classical hack & slash / RPG

    Is Eternal Fury a good game to spend your time with ?
    Well read the review below to know for sure.

    There are games that seem so enjoyable and new that can't stop playing them. Eternal Fury is not one of them.
    There are other games that are so annoyingly unplayable that you'd better hang yourself ASAP than play them. Again, Eternal Fury is not one of them.
    So what kind of game is it?

    Let's go over a quick description: you will alternate between developing your town, go to combat and upgrading or customizing your characters.
    Sounds very, very classical for the genre, and it is. There is nothing wrong with being classic, but a few new ideas would have been welcome. 
    For example you can select between Warrior, Mage and Archer: P E R I O D... Quite light isn't it? Ho, and you can choose your gender: to be more precise you can choose between a fully clothed guy or an almost naked female... Seems like the devs do not care too much about female condition in 2019. What wasn't shocking 20 years ago seems really off target, and off common sense now...

    The game lets you grind and use a common currency (virtual, free, for every basic kind of purchase) and a premium one (for stronger, rarer characters, etc.)
    Is seems to be possible to play along without buying premium money, but like usually this will take you a much, much longer time that way.

    Let's review the usual features of this game :

    SOUND & MUSIC: the quality is awful, the songs are so small in length that they feel like an ancient ringtone.. You know the kind of tone that makes you want to grab a club and destroy an old phone ? Yes, that's it.

    GRAPHICS : you have sprites, they move and that works... and don't expect more. The game is slightly outdated technically, alas. Your character has two legs, but they don't seem to be able to move at the same time o_O . Expect a Frame Rate of around 10 per second, at best, and a passage to the pharmacy for a painkiller once a week (since your eyes might start bleeding !!!).

    STORY: Once upon a time a guy / girl with a Sword / Bow / Mace decided to fight evil.. E P I C... Well, you got it, nothing to expect on that point, everything sounds desperately generic and basic: "Oh a girl with a sword, please be a soldier for me!" "All right, let's shake our (massive, insane, ridiculous) boobs and fight evil together. "We should hire a mercenary !" "Yes, great idea, oh look there: a girl with a bow, a mercenary it seems" "I'm a mercenary archer, I agree to join you, let's shake our (massive, insane, ridiculous) boobs together!" 

    GAMEPLAY: Not much to say, it's all about clicking with your mouse on a few buttons, to be honest developing a strategy is NOT part of it. Grinding and maximizing power are. Well grinding can be fun, but it seems that here, you need premium money to unlock the best of it (with the so-classical-it-seems-bland green / blue / purple / orange colors indicating the rarity of the stuff ...

    GENERAL IMPRESSION (the colonel is on a vacation): A good game to spend time when you have nothing better to do, or are short on cash, don't expect much more though since the "cheap and déjà-vu" flavor will soon catch your attention... If i was to give it a mark, I'd say 11/20, since the game is not really cute, not really interesting, not really new and not really... well enough I said. A lot of free or freemium games do exist, and a lot seem better to me. See ya ! Au revoir !

    18 septembre 2019 11:52 1626

    Je suis désoler mais je suis français ;)

    1 décembre 2019 12:35 1626

    Toujours français !

    1 décembre 2019 16:42 1626

    Par contre cet article est ultra cool !

    6 décembre 2019 18:15 1626

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