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    Save Daddy Trump bg

    Recevoir Save Daddy Trump absolument gratuitement!

    Save Daddy Trump bg

    Save Daddy Trump

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    Jusqu'à 31 jours


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    3D meme platformer which contain lot of features and content.
    Evil Creatures has captured President Trump. Trump only hope is his daughter who has magical skills. Creatures has locked Trump to locked box. Player can open
    box by collecting enough money piles. Player need collect 6 money piles at every level to open locked box. Every level contain at least 6 money piles, normally more, but only 6 need find. Game has 20 levels and player can choose any of those levels, so no unlocked level system. Every level has same mission: Find enough money to save trump

    Creatures has also different magic skills and zombie dogs will also help Creatures at fighting. So be hero and use magical skills to beat enemy and find enough money to save daddy Trump.
    Player has 4 magic slots in his in-game but can add more and change skills via equipment inventory. Woman hero has different magic attacks and also healing skills which heal player and increase health. Also 5 health potion can be used at every level.
    After saving Trump and USA Flag from locked box player will get achievements and level is finished

    Read manual.pdf at store page to find different attacks meanings and game basic info


    - Equipment system

    - Different magic skills: Drain melee attack, Fast healing, Fireball, Healing, Inferno ground attack, Trap enemy attack, Vortex storm attack Lighting attack
    - Different enemies: Creatures and their zombie dogs and newest is Russian police officer with magic skills
    - No level progression
    - 20 levels
    - Collect money stacks to open locked box where Trump is locked
    - Health potions
    - Steam achievements for level finishing
    - Hidden easter eggs, find other countries flags and get bonus achievements


    This game is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and events are the products of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.