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    Opinion on gamehag

    How do y'all find it do you have a decent experience being here.
    Or are there any issues and troubles that hinder.
    Give your mind on it

    5 may 2019 23:23 1628

    well skybrf i know you from long time and i know that its important that an old experienced member asks such community feedback which i am hoping this might be forwarded to the concerned department like gamehag thinktank.
    My issue has been recently like a month ago issues first with you have to do a task for continuing to do appzone now i feel this new update is as big of a deal as "Gamehag Katana" being removed back in the day from the mini games roster.
    My 2nd issue is also regarding Appzone i feel i cannot get the ads running like before either they are region locked just like the games and tasks or some thing cause for me ads seem not to be available any more.
    My 3rd issue is i cannot find a mini game that gives me constant sgs like gamehag katana used to do i literally cant
    I certainly hope this feedback is heard upon and thanks for gathering such data.

    6 may 2019 01:24 1628

    I've only been in the site for a little over a month and the difference between then and now is a lot. I could earn a lot of SG daily thanks to appzone ads combined with spam reports because game tasks hardly pay in my country, but that's not how it works now. Spams are everywhere but the mods are hardly active to validate the reports and these reports are pretty much my only ticket to earn some SG. Appzone won't pay me anymore unless I do some tasks, which none of them actually works for me since day 1. Even voting for articles doesn't pay much because the number of spam and plagiarized articles submitted. I have to admit that a great change from good to bad within a month is bad news, but I'm still sticking around because this is pretty much the only reward site which has the steam game that I want.

    6 may 2019 08:54 1628

    Better back then, rip katana.

    6 may 2019 09:08 1628

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