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    Equinox Prime

    What are you thoughts about Equinox Prime? Worth to buy?

    5 april 2019 13:03 2154

    why buying it when you can farm it?

    7 april 2019 13:42 2154

    Yeah. probably i will farm too. but i get hyped therefore i am impatient.

    7 april 2019 15:01 2154

    here my point of view... i shouldn't apply for anyone... but if you buy it you just simply take the fun of getting the frame. cause the game is all about grindding... until then if the grind is taking too long then you might think of buying it from other player or support DE.

    8 april 2019 10:23 2154

    you are right. in this case i will wait because it is expensive.

    9 april 2019 10:05 2154

    Csgo is best :))

    11 april 2019 08:07 2154

    Did you get it yet?

    21 april 2019 14:34 2154

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