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    How often are there coming new minigames?

    Will the current minigames stay for a long time or do they refresh them every month or something like that? I am getting pretty bored of the current minigames...

    2 april 2019 14:50 1628

    I think they won't add any new minigames or change the current ones ... not in the near future at least. The minigames are the same since I am on the site (about 4 months).

    2 april 2019 15:41 1628

    I think they stay for a looooong while

    2 april 2019 15:41 1628

    Dunno why, or maybe it's just me but minigames don't actually work properly

    2 april 2019 17:08 1628

    i dont think they would add any i have been seeing the same minigames from many days

    2 april 2019 19:25 1628

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