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    I watched Ad but i didnt get reward

    I watched Ad but i didnt get reward hmm

    1 april 2019 14:05 1628

    do it again over and over again until you will get it

    1 april 2019 14:09 1628

    Sometimes Gamehag app crashes / bugs and it's not able to get you your reward on time, so it might delay a bit. If still it doesn't, then just try again. It's just an ad you saw for 1 SG!

    1 april 2019 14:51 1628

    If it keeps going just restart the webiste/app. Then,if it is still there, restart your phone/computer. And if even that wont help you should contact gamehag.

    1 april 2019 18:19 1628

    What time the ads reset?

    2 april 2019 16:55 1628

    Ads are not even showing for me

    2 april 2019 16:58 1628

    sometimes it happens watch again the ads arent so long

    2 april 2019 17:22 1628

    @Loliss I think it resets 24h after you watch the first video. E.g if you watch your first vid at 10am that means it resets at the next day 10am

    3 april 2019 02:55 1628

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