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    Many of you know that when you want to do a gaming offer you have to create a new account through the link provided from gamehag. Now I wanted to play "NeverWinter" but as I tried to sign up but I noticed that I already have made an account earlier when I played "Star Trek Online". Both games share the same site/launcher named Arc. Do I have to create a new account with another email or is there another way?

    15 march 2019 22:05 1628

    Depends on if they say you have to be a first time player to get the reward.

    15 march 2019 23:36 1628

    what do you mean by that

    16 march 2019 00:03 1628

    If you enter your email address in NeverWinter and it says that this email address already exists then the two games are sharing account information. If it lets you create an account then your good to go!

    16 march 2019 00:41 1628

    same problem as me

    16 march 2019 03:43 1628

    In order to avoid trouble, I suggest you register with another email address.

    16 march 2019 09:39 1628

    Same problem now i just create a new email address to complete the Neverwinter task and i hope i won't get rejected :(

    10 july 2020 13:32 1628

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