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    Clash Royale:Popular Decks 2019

    Hi guys.In my previous article i mentioned meta and meta decks and gameplay.In  this article i continue  introducing meta decks .So take a seat, lets begin.

    1.P.E.K.K.A-Double Prince Deck

    This meta is very popular about 2-3 weeks and it seems it won’t go down in meta.Let’s look gameplay.

    • This deck has very agressive gameplay.If you like always attacking and destroy your enemy so thats your deck.
      In this deck generally we play pekka at the back and when  he came to bridge we deploy ranged units at giants back.After according to the enemy we can use our spells.Some accasions enemy can want to make a big push slowly like golem,lava hound,giant or royal giant.In this accasions you can use  your prince at the bridge other side.
    • Dark prince is core card of defense in this deck in my opinion.Use his shield effectively and never forget he do area damage.
    • Another combo in this deck is double prince.If you deploy two princes at the same time and let them charge they would be so powerful.Prince has massive damage and tanky and dark prince has shield and do area damage.Very fun huh.

    2.Hog Rider-Tornado(Classic Deck)

    In this classic deck you see Hog Rider,Executioner and Tornado.Other cards generally cheap and versatile cards.If you think you use tornado properly use deck and push your trophies.
    • Gameplay is like hog cycle but you should use executioner tornado combo for defence and i think this is the one of best defences in the game.
    • And another crazy play : when you attack your hog rider and executioner at the back, if enemy  uses his troops for defence you should use your tornado to gather them in front of the tower.By doing this you destroy your enemy units and do damage to enemy tower.Even you fail you have positive elixir trade.
    • (I am 5346 cup with this deck) :D

    3.Golem-Three musketeers Deck

    Everybody knows this deck but a few people can play this deck properly.Very powerfull deck and always takes 2 or 3 crowns.
    • In this deck you should seperate the musketers and use golem at the ‘ less musketeer side ‘By this you attack two sides at the same time and enemy confuses.Maybe he/she avoid 1-2  waves But if you continue he/she  make a fault and you will take crown.
    • Golem very versatile card use it defence and offence.If you took 1 crown , use your three musketers at the cross i mean new area which open when you take 1 crown.Then you will probably take second crown.This area
    • This attack is very useful in 3x Tournaments

    4.Knight-Princess Deck

    This Deck  was use many Official Clash Royale Tournaments
    In this Deck have a very cheap cards


    Sorry for my bad English :(
    Please Support me

    14 march 2019 16:21 1625

    Reported for spam @SpeachY. Enjoy your XP reduction ;)

    22 march 2019 23:50 1625

    my favorite card P.E.K.K.A this card very very powerful

    9 april 2019 16:50 1625

    Problem is all of these decks have good counters. Especially the pekkan deck. I recommend Knight-Princess or Golem + Musketeers. This is due to most people not having a perfect counter for this deck. Later on, you may find counters for golems, but rarely also musketeers.

    24 april 2019 00:35 1625

    this game is pretty cool

    27 april 2019 17:55 1625

    A really good deck includes a spam deck or a deck with a building to distract tanks.

    2 july 2019 08:54 1625

    My favorite game was to collect all the cards

    2 july 2019 10:08 1625

    cool this should've been an article olol

    2 july 2019 11:18 1625

    wow cool deck

    16 july 2019 12:14 1625

    I love this game! This is the best deck ever! I always win!

    16 july 2019 13:43 1625

    Hmm I appreciate your effort but I am really bad at all 4 of your decks :(

    16 july 2019 14:08 1625

    good info dude

    13 september 2019 20:33 1625

    There are some sites for a good deck

    13 september 2019 22:20 1625

    this is my favourite

    14 september 2019 10:58 1625

    Lol that's funny

    14 september 2019 12:33 1625

    no way that's possible

    14 september 2019 12:33 1625

    Thank you for the points XD

    14 september 2019 12:33 1625

    nyam points

    14 september 2019 12:34 1625

    suck my **** points

    14 september 2019 12:34 1625

    best sad

    14 september 2019 12:34 1625


    14 september 2019 12:34 1625


    14 september 2019 12:35 1625

    bla blahxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    14 september 2019 15:05 1625

    how i did this

    28 september 2019 21:06 1625

    what aren zou doo

    28 september 2019 21:07 1625

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