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    Fortnite skins are not worth it.

    don't buy them. the game will die soon and they are pointless.

    16 february 2019 16:42 2830

    definitely not

    16 february 2019 21:13 2830

    skins are quite expensive on there, only cosmeitcs too

    17 february 2019 03:45 2830

    Skins may be only cosmetics, but remember, you still buy skins on CS:GO, and they're still cosmetics. Don't lie, everyone does it, NO! Don't lie!

    Okay, okay. I do it too, but Fortnite skins are really bad. I mean, who even looks at them anymore? Every game has like 10 of the same skinned players on it, defaults are more fun to play with than skinned players that taunt on your body after you die.

    No skins on fortnite bois

    17 february 2019 17:22 2830

    exactly bruh. i completely agree

    17 february 2019 19:47 2830

    Waste of money

    17 february 2019 23:37 2830

    How long does it take to get all the skins when you purchase a battle pass?

    18 february 2019 02:29 2830

    Fortnite is buy 2 win

    18 february 2019 17:07 2830

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