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    Any Body Got Recent Success with playing mini games (Soul Gems) Wise ?

    Can some body guide me with the mini games; i am bad with all currently available mini games that provide soul gems any tutorials you might suggest or some thing please can some one help me with mini games how i get soul gems via them help!!

    13 february 2019 15:38 1628

    @Blade_Seven which mini game you tried or atleast got 1 sg from i cant even get that 1 sg :(

    13 february 2019 15:51 1628

    @addwrd i know all say that "The Sorcerer" is the only sort of way but i cannot hit those stones properly and rank to rank 3 to boosts sg collection i cannot do this i tried many times; after departure of galactic wars and gamehag katana especially i cant do it pls give me advice how i play this game "The sorcerer"

    13 february 2019 15:54 1628

    It doesn't let me get SG from mini-games.

    13 february 2019 17:43 1628

    @TheSETj Well what you mean, you score the points yet you donot get any sgs ? or you are not allowed to play mini games cause you have requirement to complete a task offer ?

    13 february 2019 17:45 1628

    @Visty People who gave me feedback on "The Sorcerer" say that its very difficult initially more difficult learning curve even then gamehag katana, infact its 10 times more difficult but then if you get to level 3 some how you get sgs per second, but may be that system has changed or i dont know something i am not good what so ever with "The Sorcerer" wish i was though :(

    13 february 2019 18:55 1628

    They are just dinky flash games. Doing real tasks is what you should be planning if you want some nice SG, my friend.

    14 february 2019 00:53 1628

    it's too hard and not very good tbh they don't give you that many SG

    14 february 2019 02:09 1628

    i just get the soul gem by playing sorcerer and i get an average 1sg per games

    14 february 2019 06:01 1628

    The Sorcerer is the easiest game - for me anyway, I found the others too hard. You just hit the correct colour ***** to make a combination of 3 of the same colour. Halfway/beginning of Lvl 3 (depends on how good you are) you would have hit the required points and got your SG!

    14 february 2019 08:30 1628

    All of them are too hard so i gave them up!

    14 february 2019 08:47 1628

    the game is hard and a waste of your time

    14 february 2019 09:42 1628

    Well, Minigames from phone are broken. You can't get the reward, but from PC it's easier. It wastes your time though, because you only get 1 SG, every time you reach to a certain amount of points or so. I prefer doing tasks, playing games and watching ads to get Soul Gems. These are the fastest ways! 😁

    24 march 2019 11:12 1628

    Dont play mini games... it takes a lot of time for just 1 sg, instead go to appzone and get that sg in 20sec

    24 march 2019 11:51 1628

    Minigames don't work on pc. On mobile you can get some gems. But appzone is a lot better and if you want to earn gems through games then play main games like lords mobile or war thunder you get lot mo

    24 march 2019 20:21 1628

    *re. Sorry for splitting comments, mobile version cuts comments.

    24 march 2019 20:21 1628

    i fricking got 50+ points on the cat flying thin i thinks its flappy cat and i did NOT get any gems

    28 february 2020 17:21 1628

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