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    League of Angels III

    I joined Gamehag awhile ago out of curiosity, and i discovered this cool game called League of Angels III. I played it enough to reach Chapter 3, unfortunately, I had to travel somewhere where i had no Internet connection. By the time I came back there were no gems being given for this game anymore. So my question is will there be any gems offered on this game after awhile ? or is it done once only ? Because I really think I could keep going with this game for long and would love to earn some gems with it too.

    7 february 2019 22:26 1628

    Well, i don't know about you, but the game still appears to have tasks for me, althought it's giving MUCH LESS SG than when I did the tasks some months ago.

    8 february 2019 07:42 1628

    league of angeles is nice game

    8 february 2019 07:55 1628

    There is nothing being given here :'( :'(

    8 february 2019 15:58 1628

    you live in the same country as me! anyways, yeah it seems to be removed from the games section. It will probably be back when the advertiser thinks it's a good idea to re-add it on our country but from now on, we'll need to wait and see. Also, I recommend writing some articles because you can get some good SGs from them.

    9 february 2019 11:21 1628

    I can't find that game in the 'Games' section :(

    9 february 2019 15:15 1628

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