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    do u think it s hard to earn souls in game hag?

    do u want to be easy ?

    1 february 2019 16:16 1628

    i mean i guess its pretty hard

    2 february 2019 06:32 1628

    I don't think it's hard, and there already are plenty of easy ways to get SG: log in daily, log in every day for a week, play minigames, level up (past level 3), use the free codes, open the free chests and sell the runes...
    The only downside to it being easy is that it takes time and/or doesn't give many SG. If there existed easy ways to get thousands of SG, gamehag's economy would be ruined, unless prices were increased by several thousands of SG.

    2 february 2019 12:24 1628

    It is really hard in my country since we don't have a lot of game tasks. and also, articles! It takes so much time to get it accepted only to find out that it has been rejected for spam even tho it isn't!

    3 february 2019 16:20 1628

    In my country is hard because dont have good game tasks

    3 february 2019 19:23 1628

    as many said, depends of your country. TOTALLY. for me it's nightmare to make few gems.

    3 february 2019 20:01 1628

    its not hard to get gems but y need to login daily at least

    3 february 2019 22:53 1628

    I like this app.

    4 february 2019 17:44 1628

    i think this isn´t best way to buy skins and other stuff but it works very well.

    4 february 2019 17:58 1628

    It is easy just watch ads

    23 february 2019 20:07 1628

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