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    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is strategy game based on Dragon Ball universe.

    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a strategy game based on the Dragon Ball universe. Card games that requests mind, luck and grinding.

    But it is definitely fun for play and I play it for so long around 3 years and I still enjoy playing it. Most important thing in this game is grind whoever says different they probably didn't play this game enough.

    About the game

    This game is full of beautiful card arts which blow your mind every time and every card has special scene when you reach special attack (some cards have two special scenes because they have legendary rarity).

    Game a lot of updates because developers want that this game stays fresh. Every update brings new events and sometimes story missions but what excites most of the players are when new cards come out because they know the art for new card will be amazing and fire.

    Game requests a lot of patient because if you are not paying for dragon stones(game value) you won't be great at the game after only one night playing it, it needs time.


    First thing you need to know when you enter any event or story mission you will see spots that you will land based on the number you get (you will have 3 options to choose from).

    Some of those spots will be empty and some of them will have capsules which can contain some different stuff that I will explain later. In every event/story mission you will have on the end enemy waiting for you, now this it time when fun starts.When are you going to last spot you will be fighting your enemy.

    You will choose your team on beginning from cards you have, you will choose 6 of your cards and one friend/guest card which you can choose before you enter event.

    When you fight you will see first 3 cards you had in your team appear (they will be chosen randomly) on every of your card you will see empty bars that need to be filled up that represents how strong your attack will be (max is 12 legendary cards have 24) when you reach 12 you will launch super attack with card you got 12 ki (I forgot to mention these little balls are things that will fill up your empty bar, and they are called ki) when you get your enemies health bar empty you win (some enemies have more stages but maybe later about that).

    Making team

    At first, you will probably make any team because you won't have a lot of cards so for starters make any team, but when you get along with the game you will get some cards and you will some stuff to make your team of. First thing you have good guys (super type cards) and bad guys(extreme type cards) they won't work in same team for 99% of the time what you want to do is make team of only good guys or bad guys based on what you have more of. Every card has its hp,attack,def leader skill passive skill and links(links are story for its own I'm gonna leave it for now).

    Leader skill:

    Every card has one some of them are good some of them no really. Some cards have category lead( most of the card belong in some categories so when someone has category lead that boost that card has will only apply to cards that belong to that category that is in short lines about category) some cards have type lead( every card belongs to one type, there are 5 types of card teq(green), agl(blue), str(red), phy(orange) ,int(purple)

    So when you put your leader that have super teq type lead he will only boost super teq type cards (everything is same for all other types). And we have leads that apply to all cards no matter what type they are they will boost everyone.


    Now it came time to explain what are these are I mentioned this little bit earlier. So we have 3 types of capsules training, medal and support capsules. I will explain all of them begging of support because it is the easiest one. Literally when you get support capsule it will be sent to your inventory and next time when you enter the event you can put it to help you out a little bit ( some support capsules can regain your hp some can increase your attack etc.).

    Training capsule when you land on it you will receive training item ( that you use to level up your cards and make them stronger ) or training spot ( that will make you easier to level up your cards ).

    Medal capsule when you land on that one it will send a medal to your inventory that you will use to awaken your cards [ there are 6 rarity it the game and those are common, rare(R), super rare (SR), super super rare (SSR), ultra rare (UR) and legendary (LR) when you awake your cards you will make him weaker but just because you will be able then to max out his potential so when you awake someone from ur to lr he will get to lvl1 but then, you will be able to get him to lvl 150 and he will be couple times stronger then he was in ur form.

    For every problem you have I will give here links to a youtubers who make content about dokkan battle.

    They make tutorials/guids for the game which will help you go through game with ez, and you won't be missing anything out. They make funny gameplays of the game sometimes with each other what makes it more funny and good. Here are some of them:
    Nanogenix: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCp0rOf37mWqFrE7wcp5XJCQ




    I hope I helped you at least a little bit.
    If you like Dragon Ball I know that you will love this game.I hope you enjoy the game as I enjoy. :)

    If you ever saw this article before , I've been writing this article few days before and it got rejected so I fixed some things and Im uploading it again

    26 january 2019 06:22 1625

    It is alright

    28 january 2019 04:26 1625

    Dragonball is good game?

    17 march 2019 03:27 1625

    I love dbz

    22 june 2020 23:18 1625

    i lav e

    22 june 2020 23:20 1625

    Super Saiyanjin God Super Saiyanjin!!!!!!

    23 june 2020 07:37 1625

    hi there

    23 june 2020 07:41 1625

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