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    【Site Suggestion】SG (SoulGem) Notification List

    Some people likes to track what they use or earn money so they have an idea how that happened. 🤔

    The same to SG, many people could have an idea why did they lose SG or maybe dissapearing, otherwise on what they earn so many SG (so next time they'd just do that thing to earn SG) 😲

    At first it's easy to track, since there's not so many entries, but when times go on, or you've done many things (like reporting spams), you'll find headache to only search your SG history days before (even with 1 day, you'll find a long day with a lot of reported scam +1 SG) 😪

    So wanted to ask if it's possible to mix those same entities in only one entry (since clicking each of them won't open or change anything, it just reload the page)
    Like: Reported Scam +38 SG 1 day ago

    or make a search or filter for people to check how many SG did they earn/lose on which day, or how many SG have they earned by reporting scam, voting articles, making articles, etc

    I understand that it isn't easy to do, but maybe a good feature to add, well maybe it's only me who thinks about it, idk if someone else has been facing this same problem 😅

    29 december 2018 04:42 1628

    Its good idea, but i think the log deletes automatic.

    29 december 2018 11:09 1628

    Figo non capisco un cazzo ma vabbe

    29 december 2018 15:14 1628

    great idea. I hate seeing all of these "+1 App Zone" thingies filled on my SG notifications so having like "+100 App Zone" is much helpful and more organized.

    1 january 2019 20:42 1628

    I personally think it's a great idea!

    2 january 2019 10:20 1628

    I agree with you. Point system should have more complete functions.

    2 january 2019 11:08 1628

    in addition we should have a filter to sort out notifications by type...like soulgems earned , comments replied , name mentioned etc...

    2 january 2019 18:17 1628

    like soulgems earned

    2 january 2019 21:45 1628

    well you see I don't actually understand what I'm doing or why I exist but I'm replying to this simply to see what happens, you see, I'm really bad at this thing called life and the only reason I'm still alive is that I am!

    3 january 2019 00:03 1628

    That's possibleI guess. Maybe you can ask Misty?

    3 january 2019 01:18 1628

    gracias bro

    3 january 2019 05:07 1628

    I'll pass this suggestion to the dev team!

    3 january 2019 05:58 1628

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