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    Why don't the offer walls on Android work?

    Misty just says: Unfortunately, in case of the Contracts, we have minimal impact on awarding points for completing tasks through the walls. It is a completely automatic process supported by our external partners. If you have not received your points yet, please follow these steps: 1) Verify carefully that you have completed the task as it stated in the description. Any deviation from these instructions could cause a negative response from our partners. 2) Make sure that you have used the button next to the task in order to create your account or download an app. 3) Sometimes the task may also be refused because of wrong credentials, missing account activation (by e-mail or any other method) or a multi-account detection (some of the advertising partners may accept only one account per user). 4) Wait at least 24 hours after having completed the task. You do not have to send us any screenshot for your task, so the Soul Gems attribution could be to some extent delayed. 5) Some of the walls have their own external support system. Look for a link on the bottom of the wall. But this doesn't help. The wall I'm using doesn't have a support link... Anyways what should I do now besides no longer using the walls for some time? This seems to go beyond Misty's magic

    10 december 2018 10:26 1628

    nice.. thanks

    10 december 2018 12:42 1628

    :-) nice

    10 december 2018 19:14 1628

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