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    F: Battle Royale

    (4.24/5) 3203 rates

    Fortnite is not optimized well

    Fortnite on mobile is such a disappointment. Bad controls, downgraded graphics, fps locked in 30. Even tho the game lags pretty much all the time. Games that are alternative to fortnite are much smoother than this. Didn't expect this from Epic Games.

    21 november 2018 07:36 2830

    Even tho that I'm not a kid, I honestly like this game (I don't love it). If you don't try hard it and enjoy it without cursing and being a complete idiot, it's okay. I really agree that it is kinda overrated. Mobile version is disappointment for me too. I play on the new Galaxy note 9 and I can feel the fps lags and how the mobile tries and stutters to even get 30fps. 😅

    21 november 2018 17:17 2830

    true it should be better optimalized

    26 december 2018 19:15 2830

    they want you to upgrade the potato to minimum esports anti cheat level.

    27 december 2018 12:08 2830

    I was talking about the mobile version of fortnite if you were wondering, not the pc version.

    30 december 2018 09:51 2830

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