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    Rejected for "Not a new account" but the accounts are new.

    I've made 3 different accounts through Gamehag... Everytime I get a message saying that my account isn't new and that the task has been rejected. I've gone through Gamehag's redirecting button to create a new account for Arcgames and Neverwinter 3 times, yet I keep being told to "Make a new account and submit a new screenshot." I don't get what else I can do other than click on their "Play for Free" button and register through there... Anyone else have this problem with any other games?

    30 october 2018 23:41 2148

    Don't use multiple accounts on gamehag it will get you banned from the game. Message Misty to get support to look into deleting the accounts that you don't need/use.

    30 october 2018 23:47 2148

    Sorry, not multiple Gamehag accounts; Multiple In-game or Neverwinter accounts because they keep rejecting them. I have only one Gamehag account.

    31 october 2018 00:42 2148

    In any case, they seem to be accepting my tasks now. Only thing that sucks is that when I submitted it, a 40% bonus to that game was active but it wasn't when they accepted it.

    1 november 2018 21:38 2148

    In that case, you better talk to discord support. I had this same issue once.

    16 january 2019 17:13 2148


    I am having the same problem. How can we contact discord support ?

    Thank you

    12 april 2019 15:03 2148

    Ik same here sometimes i feel like gamehag is so broken some tines

    12 april 2019 18:07 2148

    Same here, as well...
    Followed the redirect from this site, made an account with Arc using the same name (and email) I use here, the screenshot clearly shows the account name and I have no idea what I did wrong...

    14 april 2019 13:36 2148

    Did misty help you?

    15 april 2019 01:47 2148

    This is what I got from the automated response bot, a.k.a. Misty

    "Hello! This kind of rejection notification indicates that 1. Your account wasn't registered through the Gamehag link 2. Nick in the game and our platform do not match. 3. You have played this game before, which is unfair to other participants on our platform."

    1. It was registered through Gamehag,
    2. The account name is the same as my name here: Sychon. BUT Arc added a four digit number at the end. I am still under the impression that it should suffice.
    3. No, I haven't played this game before. Besides, how on Earth would Gamehag know if I had another account, anyway?

    Any ideas? I quite enjoy the game for what it has to offer me and I don't want to waste time registering another account with Arc. And since the account name should be the same as my name here, I feel it would be pointless, anyway, as I would end up with another "Sychon#1234" or with something along those lines...

    15 april 2019 15:54 2148

    Hmm... The last few messages in this thread disappeared...
    Is it a bug? Or should I be suspicious?

    21 april 2019 01:22 2148

    Always rejecting the task even though i follow the steps carefully

    28 april 2019 09:57 2148

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