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    Article Writing Opinions

    I'm no pro at writing articles so I don't expect all my articles to be accepted, I just write because I wanna share the games I have played long time ago or recently so if I make mistakes about the game review I write I am terribly sorry especially when it is posted in GH, i cant edit it now :/. Do anyone have any other motivation on writing besides SG?

    23 october 2018 21:22 1628

    already tried to write an article for 2 time, and it get's rejected by users, so no i dont have eny motivations in writing voting or even reading one at this point. 100% of them are spam enyways, and for some reason they get published to.

    24 october 2018 01:10 1628

    I think the whole system is broken. I don't even get SG for voting on articles only once when reported broken got 40 SG. Today I could get 30 SG for voting on 6. However it was vote on 10 articles for 50 SG then it was a new day and bugged on me...

    24 october 2018 01:13 1628

    yeah, the article writing and voting system is seriously broken at this point. You just have to be lucky and hope your written articles are well-liked and hope other voters agree with your votes on the articles too

    24 october 2018 07:53 1628

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