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    Opinion on promo chest?

    Hello gamehag community! Its been a while since my last thread, so now that gamehag gave us a lot of promo chests, i would like to ask, whats your opinion on them?

    20 december 2020 09:10 1628

    I'm not sure the promo chests are really worth that much. Can take a lot of work to get the soul gems required to unlock them, only for the reward to usually be nothing more than a random Steam key, which is usually one of the cheapest games on Steam.

    I believe Kabash, one of the moderators, made a percentage counter someplace on the forums about the odds of getting something from the chests. All I remember is the odds of getting anything worth working for are practically nonexistent.

    20 december 2020 16:12 1628

    I think you need to do this, the prizes is so good and amazing

    20 december 2020 16:17 1628

    Those chests are as good as the worst item in each of those chests. Still, the most important task is to earn as much SG as you can, so you can choose your own reward. Opening chests is just a little bonus and a motivation to earn more SG and to reach the limit to open the chest. 💎

    20 december 2020 19:06 1628

    I think that instead of buying chest I prefer to buy a game or a steam wallet.Since in chests the possibility of getting some best game is next to impossible...

    21 december 2020 06:48 1628

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