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    Do You Miss Tix On Roblox?

    Comment down below if you miss tix being on Roblox. Not too short of a comment.

    19 august 2018 15:29 2173

    I really miss roblox tix, when i was a roblox player at 2010, i loved roblox because of tix...until it got removed i started doing tantrums...i got terminated, then i went to another acc

    19 august 2018 16:59 2173

    I wish roblox could bring tix back for everyone's happinness... i know why tey removed tix, because they are so money thirsty...when there was tix they got less money, NOW THEY ARE SO RICH NOT FAIR

    19 august 2018 17:01 2173

    i realy want it back on roblox so i can buy all the stuff with tix lol

    24 august 2018 18:42 2173

    everyone misses the tix it was the best and you didnt have to buy any thing , roblox removed the tix to get money fucking money diggers

    26 august 2018 18:31 2173

    sadly i dont have bc so it cant be bought

    27 august 2018 10:39 2173

    I wish ROBLOX could bring back Tix but if they do we will pay less for robux and they won't have that much money which is a little bit of a stupid attidute...So yeah i miss Tix

    27 august 2018 12:34 2173

    Removing TIX was the worst move for Roblox... I won't forgive them for doing that.

    27 august 2018 14:43 2173

    But still you can colour your body and you can still upload decals, t-shirts, models and other free stuff.

    27 august 2018 14:44 2173

    yeah definitely..... the tix system was so much easier and cheaper but now roblox is too big and they've moved on to stealing money from rich little kids lol

    28 august 2018 01:30 2173

    I wasn't around for tix, but but the looks of it it seemed great

    28 august 2018 23:07 2173

    No not really.... Never used it when it was there

    30 august 2018 07:04 2173

    I truely do miss tix, It's kinda sad that they're gone. But you have to accept it, It's gone... Though I wish they do bring it back. I haven't played roblox in a while when tix were around, and when I came back. Oh gawd, finding out that tix were removed, OOOF.

    2 august 2019 09:13 2173

    I miss TIX so badly ;-;

    2 august 2019 11:55 2173


    2 august 2019 14:28 2173

    I miss tix

    2 august 2019 14:49 2173

    It's a shame they removed it everyone would have nice clothes

    2 august 2019 14:50 2173

    I remember tix.

    11 october 2019 17:05 2173

    I even remembered having like, 230 - 250+ before the economy did a steep nose dive straight into the ground. Plus, I never even go the chance to turn them in.

    11 october 2019 17:06 2173

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